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Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgewolf, though he identifies as a Wolf.


Critz is an artist. Although he's not skilled at this yet, he is good at drawing weapons like knives or guns.


Critz is skilled in cryokinesis, being able to shape ice into every shape and form.


(Circit has light-brown fur with blue markings on his arms, and legs, and due to being half-wolf he has a furry muzzle, ears that are slightly larger than the average hedgehog's own, a fuzzier chest, and fuzzier quills as well. He has blue irises with black pupils. Also, due to his wolf genes he also stands taller than most hedgehogs.

He wears a long red Trench-coat with blue markings decorating the sleeves. He also wears red boots with blue strips running down the middle.)

Critz, having inherited a deal of wolf traits from his father, resembles a wolf; however, his muzzle is shortened and fuzzless, and he has quills hidden under his hair, a trait he inherited from his mother. The majority of his body is covered in light-brown fur, this color of fur not extending to his hair, the inside of his ears, his muzzle, his chest, and the tip of his tail. Speaking of which, his tail is medium length, with less fuzz than most wolves normally would.


Originally, Critz was quite anti-social. He didn't like to talk to people and would usually either grunt or talk in short one-or-two word sentences. Of course, his family had other ideas and thus often made him go out and socialize. Now, he wasn't quite happy about this and would try to maintain his grumpy shell. Of course, this all proved to be in vain as he made friends and came out of that shell.

Now, Critz is a bit more social; proving himself to be quite the talker.

Weapons and Items

Teslikin: A longsword he can form out by freezing water molecules in the air. When one breaks he can make more.


Believe it or not, Critz is STILL based on me. To be specific, me during my years of High school.


"Boo you."

"I don't ever remember saying or doing that. But...knowing how I was back when I started, I probably did. Sorry for doing that by the way."

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Sum 41 - Still Waiting (Lyrics)

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