Critical Molding is a psychic-aligned technique. 


The user of this technique will flawlessly cut through any rock and stone structure regardless of density using an invisible psychic knife to sculpt them. The user will aim their palms at a wanted structure and levitate it to have a better 360-degrees view of the structure they want to mold. Then, the user will use their right indicative finger to send an invisible knife to slice the structure in perfect cuts, transforming it into a shape of the user's liking. The knife will move accordingly to the user's finger.

Because of that, the results will depend on their natural sculpting skills and the mobility of their fingers. Veteran users of this technique are most likely sculptors and are prune to some limitations; they are instantly able to shape a wanted structure into the shapes of their liking in a very short amount of time without using the maneuvers of their fingers, making multi-tasking easier. This technique distinguishes itself from the standard telekinetic tearing techniques as it gives more precise results.

The main limitation of this technique is that the invisible knife is incapable to slice through beings made of flesh and metal, thus making this technique in its prime useless as a form of inflicting damage to most targets.


Prinus Echidnas


This technique bears a C-Rank.

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