Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Hedgehog/Porcupine

R. Interest: Single, though is looking.

Alignment: Good/Neutral


Cross Maroon -(Younger twin brother)





Criss, like her brother, is able to manipulate fire. However, Cross has proven to be the better user; as he's able to do many things she cannot. The best Criss can do is expel fire and augment her weapons with it. She cannot absorb it, nor can she use an unlimited source, she must wait to regain her energy when she expels too much.


(Criss has gray fur, long quills with two smaller ones, and hair that covers her right eye. She has orange irises. She also has black markings on her face, and on her muzzle. When she was younger she had no bangs, she only had quills. She also has a small canine fang that can only be seen if you pay enough attention.

She wears a red short-sleeved shirt, with a longer black one underneath. She wears cowboy pants that has a red heart on it. She wears black fingerless gloves with a hole cut into the top. She also wears a choker with her name on it. The bottom of the black shirt has what looks to be a x, with one of the lines cut off by the other one. The shirt cuts off just above her midriff.

When she was younger, Criss wore a red coat, Black pants, and no gloves, as well as black and red heels with black fuzz. She also had no bangs.)

Criss, like her brother Cross, has a white muzzle with a lack of fuzz on either side.



Friends and Enemies


Cross Maroon: Her younger brother. Despite the younger age difference, he himself plays the role of the overprotective sibling; much to her annoyance.


She's actually had two redesigns, the final one being her current look.

She's got a fierce rivalry with Voltio's childhood friend Marina Azul. Why is unknown.

And in case you didn't get it, Criss-Cross. like an X.

Criss has actually played the piano once.

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