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"They say all good things come to an end. But, in truth, is anything really good or bad? Aren't those are all just opinions?"

Crimson the Hawk is an anthropomorphic Mobian hawk with a mysterious past and a vast amount of intelligence.


There has been little information revealed about Crimson's past.


Crimson is a red-colored hawk with a dash of white fur in the middle of his chest. The color red is covers most of his body, as well as his arm, legs, torso. He has three spiky feathers dropping from the back of his head. He also has two small feathers coming out his back end. He has two red wings naturally coming from his back that will only emerge at his will. He has a yellow beak as his nose and doesn't wear any clothing but he does done black-and-red sneakers.


"Everyone is the devil."

Crimson has a very passive, calm and apathetic attitude. He is isolated, and friendless, preferring to sleep all-day and do nothing. He rarely talks, but is easily irritated and has a somewhat sense of vanity. His personality can sometimes switch from completely melancholic to outright cold. Furthermore, he is extremely misanthropic and resentful, thinking of everyone to be the devil.

But, even so, despite his cold personality towards others, he also is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the human race, believing himself to be insignificant towards other people. He also has no care for his past, believing it to be of nothingness.

He is also shown to be very wise indeed of everything, despite being an amnesiac.


Crimson does not possess any actual powers, instead depending on his God-like intellect.

Rather than fancy powers; his super intelligence, flight, agility, fighting skills, and overall strength. He has an unlimited intelligence quotient, and can almost see the future because he can calculate what will happen and nearly always knows exactly what his opponent will do in any situation. Due to his intelligence, he is incapable of being manipulated by his opposed side.

His powers:

  • Super Intelligence
  • Accelerated Probability
  • Causality Perception
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge
  • Hypercognition
  • Parallel Processing
  • Scientific Prowess