"Tell me....Do you enjoy being able to live?....Life has nothing more for you.....Eternal Despair is all that is left for all of us. " -Crimson The Forgotten to Jason

This is a article about the Final Boss of DTHVaren 's fangame, Endless Legacies: The Road to Peace. a Roleplay verison of this character will be made momentarily.

This is an article about Crimson The Forgotten, a character created by DestructionRobotnik on 07/2/2015.


Crimson's as mysterious as his appearance. From what we know, He remains completely in the shadows currently so we'll use his Cloaked appearance. In his Organization Cloak, Only two glowing red pupils are seen. However according to his real appearance...The red pupils are nowhere to be seen. According to DTH, He said that it's a error in character desgin but, he won't fix it due to it's kinda cool.


Crimson's usually completely silent and mute the whole time in his cloaked attire. He only REALLY speaks when it is nessecary and even then, His words are crpytic. You'll never know what will come out of his mouth. But it all depends on the situation at hand. Crimson's personailty when he finally unveiled will be revealed in Endless Legacies.


We've been trying very hard to find out the Origin of the Mysterious Crimson. No avail so far. Still working on it. According to DTH, He will be posting up the backstory AFTER the Game is finished.


Crimson has a wide range of mysterious yet effective powers, One of which being the power to create something out of nothing. Crimson's been sealed so long in the darkness...He's adapted and now can create anything he wishes out of complete darkness. The darkness pretty much BENDS to his will litteraly. He's a force to be reckoned with and one of the most dangerous people alive.


Crimson's ability to use TWO Keyblades allows him to use his Brother's stolen keyblades, Lunar and Flare, which prove to be effective on the battlefield with specfic conditons. If the moon is out, Lunar can be used effectively. However if the moon is full then Lunar's abilites can be used to it's full power. Same goes with Flare. ( Only difference is Flare uses Solar / Sun Power. ) The immense power of the Two keyblades puts icing and a cherry ontop of a perfect cake of evil ( LOL ).


Skills already covered in Powers and Abilties.


Crimson's greatest weakness might be his humanity ( mobianity? mobinity? WHATEVER YOU CALL IT. LOL ). He's still Mobian beneath of all that raw darkness. Being reminded of his past often drives him to insanity and anger quickly turns into sadness and despair. Who's really the Monster here?

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