Crimson Desert is the first stage in Sonic Elements. It is followed by Sky Biosphere.


After somehow winding up in Crimson Desert, Sonic heads through and heads into Sky Biosphere. Later on, Knuckles heads out of Rugged Factory and heads through. Then, Sonic returns to comp

Artwork for Crimson Desert

lete his missions. Next, Tails completes his stage, then Jet soon after. After another break Shadow completes his stage, and finally Blaze and Amy complete theirs.

After all the heroes meet up in Rugged Factory, Sonic battles the Negatron.


Act 1: Sonic (S: 3 minutes, 20 seconds, F: 7 minutes or more)

Act 2: Jet (S: 3 minutes, 5 seconds, F: 6 minutes 30 seconds or more)

Act 3: Knuckles (Target Time: 7 minutes, Rings: 200, EXP: 2600, Enemies: 75)

Act 4: Blaze (S: 4 minutes, F: 8 minutes or more)

Act 5: Amy (S: 3 minutes 40 seconds, F: 7 minutes, 30 seconds or more)

Act 6: Tails (S: 4 minutes, 10 seconds, F: 8 minutes or more)

Act 7: Shadow (Target Time: 8 minutes, Rings: 250, EXP: 2800, Enemies: 100)

Special Mission: Bring the Five Crystals to the Statue (Sonic; S: 7 minutes, F: 10 minutes or more)

Collect Rings: Collect At least 200 Rings (Sonic; S: 500 Rings, A: 400, B: 300, C: 250, F: 249-)

Time Attack: Get to the Goal in Time (Sonic; 3 minutes, 30 seconds)

Rampage: Defeat At least 20 Enemies (Sonic; S: 40, A: 35, B: 30, C: 25, F: 24-)

Special Mission: Flip all 10 Switches (Sonic; S: 4 minutes, F: 6 minutes, 30 seconds)

vs. Boss: Negatron (Sonic; S: 3 minutes, 10 seconds, F: 5 minutes or more)


  • Crimson Desert is very similar to Sand Oasis from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
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