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Crepusculo the Meerkat is an assassin that serves the Dark Clan of Voidstar.

Physical Description

A lean meerkat who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Crepusculo has a somewhat short muzzle with a triangular nose, medium-sized, rounded ears that hang downwards off the side of his head, and a slim, medium-length tail.

His fur is primarily black coffee in color, with a blanched almond muzzle, chest, and stomach, while he also has black stripes on his back; his ears, eye markings, and the tip of his tail are also black in color. His hair, which is styled into a large tuft on top of and partially at the back of his head, is black shadows in color, and his eyes are carrot orange in color.


The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

As an assassin, Crepusculo excels in the realm of stealth and swift, deadly attacks, able to dispatch unwary foes with little to no hassle. His agility and respectable physical power allow him to easily thrive in a fight against a single opponent, but he tends to suffer against multiple foes, due to his inherent lack of durability. He wields both a dagger and throwing knives as his weapons of choice.

However, many people don't believe that Crepusculo is an assassin, due to the fact that he looks more like the average Dark Clan soldier; however, he uses this misconception to his advantage by lowering the guard of high-priority targets. He has a habit of manipulating his targets to try and find out their weaknesses or any useful information before disposing of them.

Being a meerkat, he possesses the ability to dig quite well, and this allows him to create traps for opponents by digging out pitfalls for them. Crepusculo is also an adept spectrakinetic, and primarily used melee-range, mid-tier offensive techniques of the Darkness Element. However, he has little in the way of using ranged abilities apart from simple and comparatively weak techniques such as Dark Rounds.


Crepusculo is relatively resistant to the Element of Darkness. He is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks. He's also more than capable of dueling a single opponent.


Crepusculo is weak to the Element of Light. His defenses aren't anything special, therefore he mostly relies on his agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks, and to survive against multiple opponents.

Friends and Foes





Crepusculo is a crafty individual, known for manipulating his targets in order to try and get useful information out of them. Those outside the Dark Clan often describe him as shifty and untrustworthy. Despite all this, his loyalty to the Dark Clan is unwavering; he just doesn't mind fighting dirty at all.

Positive Traits

  • Intelligent

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits



  • His name is the Galician/Portuguese word for "twilight".
  • He was originally going to be a mink.


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