This is an article about Creed the Wolf, a character created by CreedCrimsonGunner on 07/25/2013.

Creed Hishukami a.k.a "The Crimson Gunner" is a Bounty Hunter. However, he will not side with evil for anything.


Creed has a good balanced build. He has muscle, but not so much muscle to make him seem large. He has bright yellow eyes that shine in the dark if he wishes. His hair reaches down to his chin, it is long, black and feels silky to the touch.  His black body is covered in an unfresh night-colored cotton jacket and dark and slightly baggy pants. He wears dark red boots outside which make an easier and more comforting landing after jumping. Inside, however, he prefers the japanese custom of not wearing any footwear.


Creed doesn't have much of a personality. He is just a simple Bounty Hunter. Annoying him is quite easy, but he can be "friendly" once you know him well.


More History will be revealed every roleplay I do.


Creed can channel energy and release it in energy balls or waves. They are quite weak, however, and instead, he uses his gun to help release the energy in stronger forms. His aura is a glowing crimson and because of this, he is named "The Crimson Gunner."

Special Abilities

Creed has the ability to sense energy as wekk as channel it. He can see aura if he closes his eyes and looks in the right direction which is useful for enemies that cannot hide their energy well.


Creed has learned to jump buildings through learning it himself. He started this from jumping trees in a forest through one of his friends. He can run slightly faster than the average person, and he can also jump higher. His strength has also been increased and his swimming ability too. He learned the basics of flying a plane through watching a friend and also has a driving license.

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