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Creda the Eternal Witch is the longest living Sono-Witch to date, being over one thousand years old. Her abilities reflect this, and she is actually capable of using her powers through humming. A millennium has allowed her to memorize most spells, and she can perform far more than any average person could. Her tiara allows for limited Chronokinesis. It activates one rare occasions when she is in trouble or when she dodges a move. Creda is seen as very cold. She cares only for her kind, and will do anything to keep them safe. In the Twenty Years Later Arc, she discovers Hikari to be the Witch Trigger.



Learning of Her People

Her Cities Destruction

A New Alliance

Keeping The Witches Alive

The Witch Trigger


Creda is an extremely capable fighter. She is extremely agile, flexible, and resilient. She has amazing dexterity. She also can casts spells with her voice, and is sonokinetic. She has hard hitting attacks especially with her feet. She is very fast as well. Being a thousand plus has crafted her into a fierce competitor. Creda's sonokinetic abilities posses great strength as well, capable of moving buses!

Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 8
Spcl. Atk 9
Defense 8
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 9.5
Reflexes 10
Magic 10
Psyche 7
Intellect 9
Total 88.5/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Superior
Olfactory Normal



Creda is an extremely cold woman. She cares only for her kind, and has no interest in any other species. She parades around in animal fur. She cares more about her clothing than the lives of anyone else. She is willing to step on anyone to get what she wants. She can be witty, sarcastic, dark-humored, and rude. She shows little to no sympathy for anything. Creda detests the use of fire-arms as well. She loves lollipops, and would save one over an actual person. She hates people dirtying her outfit as well. She is fully aware of her abilities, and is very conceded. She isn't out to make any friends and makes sure everyone knows it. She has no respect for heroes, landmark places, etc. She will quickly take on anyone who is "strong enough" to prove her dominance. She dislikes taking the second-wheel to anyone. She has no problem with death, and will quickly kill without a second thought. She is extremely dangerous, and very hard to trust. She can be quite fickle when it comes to stand-points or alliances. She tends to praise herself and her people, and tends to babble on about them as well.