Craig the Brown Hedgehog

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Craig is a brown hedgehog who is the only person in the Blur trio that looks way more like Sonic than any of the other two (Xazar and Anthony). Craig is a hedgehog that can run quite fast, the fastest out of Xazar and Anthony and has some pretty impressive abilities that Sonic has yet to know. He does teach Sonic how to pull of some of his abilities as well. Although, Craig and his sister Atrocia are quite unique characters as there is that family aspect to them as well as they're really deep but intresting past. 
Craig the Hedgehog
Game appearances
The Blue Blur
Voice Actor
Pete Capbella (2015-present)
Nothing much
Atroica, Sonic and co. life, wildlife, nature, Targuin, Tibis Sark, his father, saving the world, become bigger than he is (more known)
Algorgian, Malusor, Savori, death, destruction, family suffering, stress
Superhuman speed, superhuman agility, charge attack, homming attack, punch, kick, stab (with his hands etc.
Good, nice, not that talkative


The Blue Blur


The Blue Blur

He is the first out of the Blur trio to appear in the game as Craig actually saves Sonic from death and gives info to Sonic, Tails and Amy about who Argo might be. He also introduces his sister, Atrocia. Craig grows to be a more non talkative character but again has an emotional arc in the game.

Background Info

Craig and Atrocia were born in Kilontor, Craig was born with superhuman speed and learnt over time to use his abilities to do better things for the world. Atrocia also learnt to use the bow and arrow, over time as thier mother was a skilled fighter and thier father was a scientist. Atrocia and Craig also learnt to become more skillful, and actually knew how to fight. They grew with thier brother Targuin the Echidna. He was the oldest in the family and helped the family immesnly. He could fight but was also a scientist and historian. Thier family was normal, Craig, Atrocia and Targuin usually visited thier father's lab to check thier expirements and overall have fun at the lab. Sometimes, thier father will test with Craig's abilities to see where it came from [1]. 

Thier mother and thier father eventually divorced and became seperated after an arguement about life and what Craig's father was and money etc.

During the time there, a man by the name Tibis Sark joined the C.I.S.C (Central Intelligence Science Centre) as a scientist. He joined the theorists division, consedering he was intrested in time and dimmensions and wanted to really study it more. There, he learnt about the quantaum realm, quantum theory as well as the theory of time travel being possible. He befriended Craig and Atrocia as well as the father. But, Targuin was the man who talked to Tibis most consedering they had so much in common, they had great banter at the lab etc and really became true friends. Although, things were starting to change one day. 

Targuin's father wanted to test on dark matter, and the power contained within. He wanted to see if they could take some energy out and test it, to maybe use it for good and find a formula in which they could transform the energy somehow. The project was named "Project Nox". This project became ongoing and tweaked on more and more as the years went by, since the scientists did know that if used the wrongly, could corrupt them and probably kill them. While that project continued, Craig and Atrocia also became closer to Tibis as he told them his stories of when he was at Odijin with the echidnas. Tibis was a type of socerrer, so he did do some magic tricks with them. Just to create some happiness and fun for them. Tibis was also a very funny person as his jokes were very comedic. He was basically a very good friend. 

When "Project Nox" occured, they began with the dark matter. They started expiremrenting, although things did go a little awry. During a presentation to some higher-up scientists with the inclusion of Craig, Atrocia and Targuin. Thier father does released the dark matter, although suddenly it touches him, feeling him with too much power, he screams. The audience members all leave, Targuin, Craig and Atrocia hide, though Tibis runs to save thier father. He tries use magic though it doesnt work, he tries to just pull him out though he's affected by the dark matter. Then, thier father explodes with Tibis nowhere to be seen. After this, unfortunenate accident, Targuin, Craig and Atrocia end up in Forest Hill (the place where they build thier treehouses). Craig and Atrocia do not know how they got to the forest, as after the explosion to them it seemed like there was a flash and then they were teleported to the forest. Targuin, however, went to a prototype portal they built that sent them to Forest Hill. 

For a year, they spend their time trying to salvage some food, and overall survive. Here, is when Atrocia learns to use the bow more properly since they did hunt down animals such as deers etc. They did build the treehouses as well, but they did do that quite late. Though, one day, while Targuin was finding food with his spear, a little portal appeared and a drak figure came out of it and stabbed him then the figure just left, like it intended to kill Targuin. Craig and Atrocia do realise as they dont see him back at the treehouse till night, they find his body. And, they bury it. 

In the Blue Blur , Craig does save Sonic because of the threat. That means that Craig and Atrocia did find thier way to Central City from Forest Hill. And from there, thier adventure begins, where their life starts to change and the truth is revealed.

Appearance (looks)

Craig has the same hair as Sonic, maybe just a little more longer than Sonic's, his skin tone is a little more tanned than Sonic's. He is coloured brown, he wears a jacket, and wears white and blue shoes. 


Even though Craig doesn't have armour, he is still quite an exciting character in terms with his abilities and what he can do. Since, even Sonic, himself, doesn't know some of Craig's abilities and therefore learns from him. Craig can run really fast, almost as fast as Sonic. He does have superhuman agility and can jump at least higher than the whole Blur trio. He can fight with his hands, as well as fight really fast. So,for example, Craig can punch someone in the chest, then in the leg really quickly while the person would still be figuring out what his first punch was. He can stab enimies with his hands, his hands do have to shake really fast to do that though. 

He can slow down time, in his eyes, and run at mega speeds, though to, for example, the player. Everything would be moving really slowly while Craig is running at really high speeds. This is one of his abilities, that not even Sonic knows how to do. Craig does have the normal Spin Dash, Homming Attack and Charge Attack. He kind of does have a sort of Light Speed Dash too.


Craig is quite a silent and non-talkative character, so he doesnt talk to people that much and he isn't really a troublemaker. He's quiet, but sometimes, at the right times he will talk to others. He does talk to his sister quite a lot, and does have an emotional arc he goes through in this game.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Craig, maybe does, have the same weaknesses as normal Sonic characters. So, if he was hit, he'd suffer damage etc. But, he and Atrocia have weaknesses emotionally. Such as if, someone references Targuin, or at least mocks him. Or, seeing Tibis, it'd really touch his heart. 

His strenghts are if someone mocks Tibis as at first it'll probably hurt him however it will make Craig more angrier resulting in Craig going mega pissed. 

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