Crag the Wolf is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Rise of Ruin. He is a large dire wolf apart of Root's Pack, and is the son and only known relative of Night the Wolf, thus making him an outcast in his own Pack. Despite this, he is befriended by Lucky Smith, who offers him a place in the Resistance.


Crag is a large dire wolf with thick, dark, gray-brown fur that makes him hard to see in the darkness. He has brown eyes, and like all other dire wolves, he has very thick, shaggy fur, and a large, sloping back.


Because of his status as the son of Night, Crag is an outcast in his own Pack, and often feels lonely and very underconfident. He began to gain more confidence in himself when Lucky befriended him, and later when Root believed Lucky's story in his involvement in the battle against Night.


Crag's past is unknown, but it is implied that because his father is the vicious rogue Night, Crag is an outcast in his own Pack. Because of it being the way of the dire wolves, Rock-who is a Storm Fighter-gives him the cold shoulder as well when he visits with Lucky. Determined to make sure the wolf warrior doesn't feel alone, Lucky befriends him, and it pays off when it is revealed the vengeful Spirit of Night is behind the vicious attacks on the Pack, as when Night threatens Lucky, Crag interferes to save the coyote. Crag then helps Rock fight off and defeat Night. When Root later hears of the fight, he believes Crag was behind it, but Lucky and Rock both defend him, explaining how the gray-brown warrior helped them both. Root believes the word of the two Storm Fighters and apologizes to Crag. When Lucky offers Crag a place in the Resistance, he turns it down, deciding to remain with his Pack, knowing Root will help him earn favor with the others.


Like all dire wolves, Crag has immense physical strength, though he cannot take on a wolf like his father without help, as he required assistance from Rock to take down Night.




Crag was originally going to have black fur and a name like Shadow or Shade, to make him resemble Night more, but this was changed to avoid confusion with Shadow the Hedgehog and Shade the Zorua.

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