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The Coyote Pack is, as the name suggests, a group of coyotes who will appear in After the Blackout. They live on an unknown Mobian moor, and were the ones to discover the missing Jackal Pack due to a territory dispute. One of their members, Zane the Coyote is a Storm Fighter, while another coyote, Kairn the Coyote, was a Pack member, but was a Storm Fighter up until his death. The Coyote Pack are currently apart of a new Tribe called the Wilde Tribe alongside the Jackals.


Current Members

Leader: Charlie; Sturdy male

Deputy: Benjamin; Lean, jumpy male

Healer: Alan; Male

Apprentice: Callie; Young female

Warriors: Unknown

Former Members


Like the other Tribes, the Coyote Pack function like the Clans from the Warriors book series.


Like almost all Mobians in the series, the Coyotes believe strongly in the Spirits in the Stars.


The Coyotes currently live on an unknown Mobian moor, where they encountered the Jackal Pack.


The Coyote Pack's history is unknown, but it can be presumed that they lived on the moor they currently reside on since their Pack's formation. They were a major part of the Tribes' past.

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