Countdown the Fox
Age 13
Relatives None known
  • Agent Blast (during missions)
  • King of Ka-Boom (self-proclaimed)
  • Countdoofus (Shroud)
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Tibetan Sand Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Burnt orange, yellow tail tip and ear tufts, brown chest fur
  • Eyes: Bright Red
Attire Red gloves, brown sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Above average speed
  • Energy amplification and explosion
  • Countdown eyes
  • Fire and explosion resistant

Countdown the Fox is a member of the Anti-Sonic Team, the rivals/enemies of the Neo Sonic Team.


Countdown is a young male fox with burnt orange fur, a yellow tip to his tail, yellow ear tufts, and brown chest fur. His eyes are a bright red, which can roll down to look like a countdown number. His attire is merely red gloves and white sneakers.


Countdown often acts rather immature, being rambunctious and stubborn. A violent person, he loves seeing the damage that his explosions can do. He has a habit of using explosion lingo in his speech, and often bounces around on one foot.


Coming eventually...


Countdown has the ability to absorb nearby natural energy and amplify it in his body. As he does so, his eyes roll downward and become a countdown number. When his counter hits zero, the energy is released from his body in a massive explosion that can be devastating. The higher his counter, the longer it takes to charge, but the stronger and larger the explosion becomes. Countdown is not harmed by this at all.

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