Cotton Guard is a defensive technique, usable by Nature-wielders and those with naturally fluffy coverings.


There are two styles of this technique, one Nature-based, the other elementless. However, both versions are incredibly weak against Fire.

In the Nature-based version, the user manipulates the environment around themselves, creating a wall of fluffy plant fibers in front of them to absorb the damage from the attack. By doing so, they raise their defenses against physical attacks by a massive level, while most special attacks can bypass the barrier, due to energy being the active component.

The elementless variant is only used by beings with big, fluffy coats, such as sheep, goats, certain dog breeds, some Pokémon types, etc. The user channels energy into their fur, causing to rapidly increase in size around themselves, lowering their speed slightly but boosting their physical defenses by a massive amount. Again, special attacks can bypass the barrier, especially considering the slowing effect of the fur.




Technique Rank

Due to the technique's ability to absorb massive amounts of physical damage, it bears a B-rank.

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