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Cosmo's Wicked Adventures is a story DLC in Sonic Adventure 5: Windy City Showdown. It puts the player in control of Cosmo in 2015 during the events of Sonic Adventure 5.


The game features similar open-world gameplay to the main game, but only focuses on Cosmo, whose abilities are near identical to Silver's, only replacing plants with Psychokinesis.

Cosmo's Wicked Adventures follows the titular character as she investigates a major conspiracy in Boston's various crime syndicates that could bring back an old enemy from her and her friends' past.


The newest feature in this game is the city of Boston and its surrounding areas, giving players a completely new area to explore with many things to see and do. From its upper class districts to its projects and even the surrounding countryside, the map is very expansive and well-detailed and plays along with the story quite well.



There are twenty story missions throughout that are activated by walking into the marker and selecting "yes" to begin said mission.

Health System

The health system is the same as Shadow the Hedgehog and the other open-world Sonic the Hedgehog games; collect rings to survive, get hit and you lose ten rings a piece until you lose all of them, and if you get hit with no rings, you lose a life. You earn points by destroying robots, hitting checkpoints, and collecting rings, and at the end of the level, your overall score is tallied up and added to the international leaderboards. To keep scores fair involving rings, every ring lost subtracts 1,000 points from the board, but if picked back up, the score goes up 1,000 for every ring collected.


Open hub worlds return, with a map showing the specific general area of where to go, along with side quests, with the option to go to your destination by foot via using the current character’s abilities, by hailing a taxi to your destination; you can also choose to skip to your destination if you please, using the train, each character’s specific car or get in a random pedestrian’s car. You can place markers, which give you a GPS route where you want to go, as well as listen to your music in vehicles, or even on foot.


The emblems from the previous Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Heroes also make a return, with ten hidden in the open world for each story, collected for completing levels, and one in the final boss, totaling up to 120 emblems in the whole game, and for every five collected, rewards such as artwork, behind the scenes videos, music sound tests, and digital models of all the game’s different characters.

Boss Fights

There are three boss fights throughout the story. They often require strategy and following patterns in order to defeat them. These contain absolutely no emblem collecting.


Currency in rings also returns. After playing a mission (whether for the first time or replaying it), the character will get an amount of rings that can be used on buying and customizing personal vehicles, changing Cosmo's physical appearance, buying food from around the map, or buying little souvenirs like that of Sonic Unleashed (HD).

Side Quests/Activities

There are six side quests for both random strangers and Cosmo's allies that she meets throughout the story, which can completely vary depending on area or time.

There are also many games and side activities around the map: darts, pool, bowling, car racing, air hockey, hoop shooting, batting cages, police assistance. New to this game is drinking, band venues (a la Guitar Hero), stakeouts to help take down the Irish Mafia and the remnants of the Metarex.


In addition to Cosmo's Kaisan Tree, the player has the opportunity to take any car, plane, boat, motorcycle, helicopter, or jet ski they find, or they can just go on foot if they please. The player can also roll their vehicle over if it flips and purchase vehicles if they please.


Various businesses exist all over the Boston area, from restaurants, vending machines, food stands/vehicles, and the places mentioned in the side activities. These all contain special interiors and act as alternatives for filling up on rings when the player cannot find any in the open world.


Role Voice Actor
Cosmo Kate Higgins
Officer Frank Damon Travis Willingham
Boston Police Chief Leo Kelly Roger Craig Smith
Sienna Murphy Eliza Dushku
Mark Walsh Dane Cook
Jimmy O'Sullivan Fred Tatasciore
Dark Oak Nolan North
James Kelly
Maria Ryan Bella Thorne
Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg

Radio Stations

There are unique radio stations to this DLC. In addition, each station has a DJ hosting each station, along with commercials for various products that carry over from the main game.


  • This is the only Sonic the Hedgehog Open World game to get a completely new map.
    • In addition, this is the second time since the Sonic Adventure 4 DLC Westopolis Wintertime that unique radio stations are added in.
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