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Corrosion is an advanced elemental combination, derived from Poison and Fire.


Corrosion is a very brutal and ruthless element. By combining the acidic properties of Poison and the burning properties of Fire, the result is a red-purple smoke that burns and eats through anything it comes in contact with, even metal and flesh. However, this smoke doesn't affect the user. Corrosion is largely a close-range element, restricted to the user's body (usually a hand or other appendages) as a focal point for the smoke.

But this makes it no less dangerous, as just coming in contact with said smoke can cause light burns, and even short-term contact can result in visible and painful effects. Water and other liquids can douse the smoke temporarily, but the Corrosion will eventually eat through it. Corrosion is often compared to an acid or corrosive compound in terms of how it works, it can corrode and eat through metals and flesh alike and is it extremely toxic in gas form. Anybody that comes in contact with a Corrison wielder has to be extremely careful, as they can get fatal injuries if not careful.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defensive)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)


  • Burning Shroud
  • Oxidizing Touch
  • Vapor Burn
  • Anodized Destruction
  • Ground Zero Fog
  • Searing Strike