"What I wouldn't give to be melanistic."
—Cori's thoughts on his coloring, Storm's War (Prologue)

Cori is a male Charmeleon who is a somewhat major character in both The Legend of Fox the Brave and its spin-off/Pokemon prequel series Legends of the Megastone Rogues. He is a former Outsider and friend of Nero who ditched the Outsiders in favor of The Storm Fighters after he and his good friend Blaster the Blastoise left. Of the pair, Cori is the brain while Blaster is the brawn. Cori is currently the tech specialist of the Storm Fighters alongside Tails and the former's protege Riptide the Frogadier(Splash's elder son).


Cori has the appearance of a short anthropomorphic lizard. He is reddish-orange with a much paler belly and tail-underside. He has blue eyes, medium-lengt arms with short, thick legs. Cori has three claws on each hand and each foot, a single horn on the back of his head, and a short, somewhat crooked "muzzle". He also wears a pair of translucent green goggles for unknown reasons, and a black wrist-com on his right wrist.


Cori is cocky and confident with a snarky personality. Even in the most die situations, Cori can find a way to crack a joke, somewhat making him the comic relief on the Storm Fighters. While he could be considered a technophilic, given his affinity and know-how of technology, his favoritism toward tech isn't on the same level as the Dark Legion and is well respected by the Alliance. Cori can be a bit smug and arrogant at times, but does recognize a dire situation when he sees one. It's possible that his hot-headedness is because of his Fire-Type.


Before the Series:

When Cori was still a Charmander Egg, his family was attacked. His parents, Morocco and Maya, were killed and his egg was stolen, leaving his older brother Tai alone. Cori hatched out into the Outsiders and was raised there. He became good friends with a Squirtle named Blaster and a young Nero the Froakie(before he went mad). It's possible that Nero's choice in being friends with Cori comes from his friendship with Tai outside the Outsiders. After Nero went mad, Cori and Blaster grew distant from the then-Frogadier, often keeping to themselves and not interacting much with others outside patrols aside from each other.

Tai's Travels, Part 1:

Cori's role in this story is unknown, since he doesn't really make an appearance.

Tai's Travels, Part 2:

Cori first appears in the chapter Announcement. When Nero visits The Megastone Rogues' camp to announce Clamshell's disappearance, Cori is on Nero's patrol, and it is mentioned that Tai feels a strange familiarity with him, unaware that the two are kin. Much later, Cori and Blaster visit the camp, and Cori expresses his suspicions that he and Tai are brothers, happy to know that his hunch was correct. Morocco's voice echoes in the minds of both of them, telling them that they were brothers and that was all that mattered. After Tai offers Cori and Blaster a chance to join the Megastone Rogues, Cori turns it down, saying they needed some time to themselves after leaving the Outsiders. They then set out with a last farewell from Tai.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Land of Nightmares:

At the end of the story, it is revealed that Blaster and Cori chose to join the Storm Fighters and are seen with several warriors outside The Storming Base when Tai, Splash, and Pyro bring Fox back from the Land of Shadows.

The War of Time(story):

Cori is very minor in this story. He first appears when he is running to the Base, declaring that there's trouble on Angel Island. His second and last appearance is after the Battle of Angel Island is finished. When an enraged Fox banishes Knuckles(Archie) from the Storming Base and states that Locke could still visit if he wanted to, Cori is the one to tell him that Locke is gone.

Storm's War:

The Prologue takes place from Cori's POV. He first appears when he peers around a corner of a hut in Echidnaopolis, not far from the Chaos Chamber. Cori slinks forward, evading notice from both the Destructix, and the Frost and Flame Legions that are patrolling Angel Island while the Flame Pokemon is on his recon mission on Fox's orders. He sneaks into the tunnel leading to the Chaos Chamber, thinking that if he were a melanistic Charmeleon(being black with a paler gray belly and blue tail-flame), he would be harder to see, even if his red coloring would possibly be hard to see as it was. He is painfully aware that his tail-flame would give him away. Cori hears a shout-sounding like a shout of pain(from Knuckles), an angry voice complaining(Remington), a second voice(Finitevus), and a third calling the second person a traitor(Lien-Da), but he doesn't know who's who because he can't see anything while in the tunnel. Cori sneaks into the chamber to see Finitevus talking to who appears to be Knuckles and, frightened, turns and flees, knowing something big and very bad was happening. Later, while Storm is heading back to the Base after being teased by Austin for falling out of a tree, Cori is seen hurrying over to the main building, shouting that there was trouble on Angel Island. When Storm and Austin rejoin the Alliance patrol after Finitevus escapes and Knuckles is restored to normal, they tell the Charmeleon that Locke is gone after the former notices them. Cori then informs a furious Fox of Locke's fate, adding to the red fox's agitation.

The Rising Darkness: Cori is mentioned to have returned to the Storming Base after it is repaired.

A Tale of Two Brothers: Cori is a minor character, and doesn't say much. He appears as apart of a patrol of the Metropolis Resistance, helping rescue the captured Resistance prisoners in Metropolis. Cori also helps Streak the Bird, Scorch the the Cat, and Blue the Dog try to get Martin and Stripe safely out of the city, but they are caught and threatened by Infinite.

The Lost City: Cori plays a larger role in this story, set from Streak's POV, as the Charmeleon shelters in Metropolis and helps Streak until he leaves to find the warriors.


Cori's full moveset has never been mentioned(with only Flamethrower and Dig getting a mention so far), Cori knows Flamethrower, Dig, Flare Blitz, and Dragon Claw. He used to know Metal Claw, but this was replaced with Flare Blitz.

Improvised Moves:

  • Dragon Claw-Dig: While never mentioned, Cori can use Dragon Claw and Dig at the same time, with Dragon Claw allowing him to dig a bigger hole or dig faster. It's unknown if he could do this with Metal Claw.
  • Dragon Claw Blitz: While never mentioned, Cori can use Dragon Claw and Flare Blitz at the same time. While charging forward with Flare Blitz, Cori can ready a Dragon Claw to speed past his enemy and strike them with Dragon Claw. Flare Blitz gives him the speed he needs while Dragon Claw allows him to attack without taking recoil from Flare Blitz.


Cori's current Ability is Blaze, with boosts Fire-Type moves while on low-health.


Being a Fire-Type, Cori is weak to Ground, Rock, and Water-Type Pokemon, resistant to Fire, Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel-Type Pokemon, and has an advantage against Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel-Type Pokemon. Being a Fire-Type, he has aquaphobia.


Cori and Blaster are the first Pokemon to join the Storm Fighters.

Cori is the first Pokemon to have any form of apparel or gear outside of a wrist-com or Mega Stone. The second is Boomer the Pikachu, and the third is Jason the Lucario

  • Cori wears a pair of green goggles, Boomer has a pair of blue goggles, while Jason wears a red bandanna around his neck.

In The War of Time, Cori was mentioned to have an Extreme Gear, but it was never brought up again. This is because this concept was scrapped.

Cori was originally designed to have a scar on his chest, but this was scrapped.

In the Prologue of Storm's War, he was described as both crimson and having ice-blue eyes.

  • These are incorrect, since Charmeleon is more reddish-orange, and a Charmeleon's eyes are a much duller, more subdued blue.
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