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Core the Hedgehog

Core the Hedgehog Background


Biographical Information
Age 17
  • Cloner

Mighan the Hedgehog (Cousin)

Romantic Interest(s) NO!
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Red & Black
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Gray Shoes
  • Gray Gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Neutral
Weaponry Nega-Amethyst
  • Homing Attack
  • Nega Clone Form
  • Stealth
  • Double Jump
  • Illusion Machine
  • Nega Wisp Hyper-Go-On Energy Usage
Other Information
Japanese V.A. None
American V.A. TheZewery
Theme Song(s) I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin
Original Creator TheZewery

Core the Hedgehog ( コアク·ザ·ヘッジホッグ Koaku za hejjihoggu) is fanmade hedgehog made by theZewery (Real world creator). Core has 6 spikes on his head as hair with black highlights on them.


Core is selfish and wants to be better than anyone else. He also likes eating and playing video games.

When he is in battle he never gives up even if his both arms are missing. Its probably because he wants to be better than others.

Illusion Machine Explanation

He can make clones of himself or other objects with the power of his Nega-Amethyst or the Rings he has on his arms and legs. If he uses the power of Nega-Amethyst to make the clones, he has unlimited time to keep them. If he uses the power of the rings, he has limited time to keep them and they are more weak. The more of Nega-Amethysts, the more powerful clones. When he has 5 (All) Amethysts, he can make Nega Clones. They are the most powerful clones Core can make. That's why his name is Core. He is the core of clones.

Nega Wisp Power Explanation

Core has some Nega Wisp's hyper-go-on energy stored in his rings and Nega-Amethyst. He can use them to use Purple Frenzy or Violet Void Powers like Sonic in Sonic Colours.

Other Random Info

Likes: Curry Burgers, His friends, Chaos Emeralds, Himself, Video Games, Food,Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Giant talking eggs, Mr.Egg, Spicy Noodles,

Dislikes: Eggman Nega, Metal Sonic 3.0, Anyone who is better than him, Chili Dogs, Sonic.exe (Cuz everyone is talking about that), Scourge the Hedgehog

Transformations: Cloned Core, Nega Clone, Purple Frenzy, Violet Void

Attack Style: Using his Nega-Amethyst to make the clones, Nega-Wisp Powers

Birthplace: Aquatic Ruin Zone (Currently lives in Spring Yard Zone)


Core was originally neutral until Mr.Egg (You probably know who he is) captured him and brainwashed him. Now he is spy for Mr.Egg (Core calls Eggman with that name or Sir Egg or Mighty Great Egg).

After Mr.Egg brainwashed Core, he gave him brand new Nega-Rings (Price is 999999 rings in a store) that were more powerful than his normal rings. Then Core replaced the rings with his new Nega-Rings.

Later Core somehow (Maybe Shadow failed in Chaos Control! *Awesome Face*) got transported to Moebius where he got very 'warm' welcome from Scourge, who thought that Core was a spy for Sonic and the others (Well he is)

Scourge tried to kill Core because Scourge didn't trust him but everytime Scourge 'killed' Core, he sees another Core somewhere. Scourge just kept killing Cores and everytime Scourge killed one he heard 'I'm here! Why do you keep killing my clones but not me?' When Scourge killed enough of the clones, Core threatened Scourge to use his Violet Void if he wouldn't stop killing the clones.

Core returned to Mobius somehow (Maybe Shadow failed in Chaos Control again!) and he returned being neutral. (I will make up with a reason soon)



  • Core's old name was Drift.
  • Nega Rings were made when Eggman found some Nega-Fuel from his closet (He had some extra after the events of Sonic Colours) he then melted a pair of rings and added the fuel in the rings.
  • Nega-Amethyst is Core's version of Chaos Emerald. Its also a corrupted jewel that makes Core one of the corruption wielders.
  • When Eggman brainwashed Core, the operation failed and Core is in fact, actually corrupted rather than brainwashed.
    • That explains his eye colour change and black highlights.
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