• Ion the Hedgehog
  • Gavin The Mongoose
  • Otega the Hedgehog
  • Corta the Cardinal
  • Migi the Fox
  • Tex the Falcon
  • Cage the Lynx
  • Striker the Mink


The core city guardians are very strict on any evil doer and will fight to protect at all causes of trouble no matter how great the threat is. however as it states their main goal is to protect Core City and the residents there within the city.

Base of Operations

the Core City Guardians main Base of Operations is in Core City's Military Base and they have various Minor Bases though out the planet and the Multiverse, but the main Core city Guardians Base of Operations is within Core City itself.


the Core City Guardians actually started before Ion and his friends was only young. ion wanted to be a Core City Guardian himself but never got the chance due to his age at the time. as time went on Ion saw the core city guardians being thrown to the side by the one and only Coratin Von Drove, ion simply hated him and fought him alone, however he was thrown into a atomic plant that exploded with him in it, giving him atomic energy and thus his nick name. he then defeated Coratin, after that coratin fled to his base, ion then formed his friends and resurrected the Core City Guardians and from then on they fought coratin ever since.

Character Gallery

  • Ion the Hedgehog
  • Corta
  • Tex
  • cage
  • Migi
  • Striker the Mink
  • Ion the Hedgehog (2016 Reboot)
  • corta By: nirtogen


  • The Core City Guardians made appearances in Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Johnny Test series, since Triple Trouble Mayhem.
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