"This is Coral; as graceful as the ocean current, and beautiful as the seaside reefs."
Butterfly the Rabbit describing her board.[Author]

Coral[1] was an Extreme Gear belonging to Butterfly the Rabbit. It was custom built by Butter, with the help of her sister, Dragonfly, and her uncle, Jonathan Havensson[2], and was improved by them every year[3], as it was used for the International Extreme Gear Competition.



Coral was built by Butterfly the Rabbit and her uncle, Jonathan Havensson, for the International Extreme Gear Competition. As a Flight Type board, it was able to transform into an air ride when activated, though the transformation was limited. It was painted turquoise with pink highlights and details, and had Butterfly's name written on the side.


Butterfly used Coral to play at Sea Gate, Seaside Hill, aside from the I.E.G.C. Also, she would sometimes be challenged by Dragonfly or her neighbours to races, which she would usually lose happily, and especially enjoyed racing with Ray the Fox[4], her friend. The highest she originally came in the I.E.G.C[5] was twenty-second, which she was rather pleased with.


  1. Named after the underwater plant.
  2. Jonathan the Rabbit was sometimes surnamed "Havensson" because he was the son of Haven.
  3. Though not as much as Dragonfly's board, Legion.
  4. A neighbour and one of Butterfly's best friends.
  5. International Extreme Gear Competition
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