Cooper the Squirrel
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A nervous, anxiety-prone fellow with serious trust issues, Cooper the Squirrel is the younger brother of Roland the Squirrel, and the Moebian counterpart of Conner the Squirrel.

Physical Description

A little squirrel who stands exactly 3 feet tall, Cooper has a short muzzle with a triangular nose, somewhat rounded ears ending in tufts, and a large, bushy tail. He also has longer fur on the sides of his head. His front teeth are slightly visible even when his mouth is closed. He seems to look almost perpetually exhausted, with visible bags under his eyes.

His fur is primarily orange-red in color, with a buff muzzle, eye markings, chest and stomach; the tips of his ears and tail are also buff in color. He has a medium-sized, messy tuft of fur on his head, and his eyes are French Blue in color.

His outfit is rather similar to Conner's, except Cooper wears blue jeans and black boots; he also doesn't wear any gloves.



Base Stats
Other Stats

Being a squirrel, Cooper has a great sense of smell and hearing, and is also a decently skilled climber. While not really fit for fighting, he can still throw a punch if necessary, and his front teeth are hard and sharp, making for a nasty bite.


Like his Prime counterpart, Cooper is unable to permanently die. Upon death, he comes back to life; the time it takes to resurrect depends on how severely damaged his body was when he perished. When he comes back to life, he wakes up wherever his body happens to be at the time of resurrection, and his body is (mostly) void of any of the injuries prior to death. However, he still appears to age normally.

Unlike Conner, however, Cooper fears the ever-looming potential of death, and this has caused him to become quite fearful, often afraid to take risks that might possibly endanger his life. He has definitely died quite a few times.

Friends and Foes



  • Roland the Squirrel - Cooper's cruel older brother, he's only allied with him because he really has no one else he can rely on.


  • Conner the Squirrel - He doesn't really have an actual dislike for his Prime counterpart, although he has displayed some jealousy over Conner having a kind and caring brother. He also dislikes the other squirrel's alcoholism (to which Conner is equally irritated by Cooper's habit of smoking).



  • Roland the Squirrel - Cooper's cruel older brother, he's only allied with him because he really has no one else he can rely on.



Cooper is an almost perpetually nervous, anxious and high-strung person who has a very hard time trusting people. His default view of other people is suspicion, and will remain guarded and defensive until he's absolutely sure the person is not a threat.

However, to those very few people he actually trusts, he is highly loyal to them, and they're the only individuals to whom he'll forgo his fearful and cowardly nature in order to help them. On very rare occasions, he may even forego his cowardice to help a stranger.

His anxiety and inability to socialize well makes it difficult for him to be independent, hence his (reluctant) reliance on his older brother. He's addicted to smoking, as it is one of the few things that can somewhat calm his nerves. However, he refuses to drink alcohol, since, in his opinion, it could easily cause him to become "drowsy and oblivious to danger". He's terrified of his curse of "immortality", as the prospect of being able to die over and over is horrifying to him.

Positive Traits

  • Loyal (to certain people)

Negative Traits

  • Cowardly
  • Addict
  • Overly suspicious of people

Neutral Traits



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