Coop the Dog is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian Australian Cattle Dog(also called a blue/red heeler or Queensland Heeler) who is Audrey the Dog's older brother, and thus the brother-in-law of Chaise the Wolf and uncle of Cody the Wolfdog. He makes a minor appearance in Tide of War, but will play a larger role in Trouble in the South, which is set to be released after Menace of Metal. Like Audrey and Chaise, Coop speaks in a thick Southern accent.


Coop is officially classified as a blue merle dog just like his sister, but is mostly solid black all over with tan markings on his face and just below his shoulders and hips, with white speckling on his back, a white tail-tip, a white muzzle, hands and feet, and amber eyes. He also wears a red bandana around his neck, with the knot around his throat.


Coop is a laid-back but hardworking person. When Tundra and Simon first meet him, he comes off as friendly, though Tundra senses he's hiding something. Coop is also shown to care a great deal about his sister Audrey, to the point that he refuses to let anything happen to her like their father Billy. When his secret is discovered, his nephew Cody accuses him of disliking the fact he was a half-wolf.


It can be assumed Coop had a fairly normal childhood in his village until the War of Darkness happened, when the Iron Dominion took over Southern Woods Village prior to Tide of War. In the Prologue, Coop and Audrey's father Billy dies of wounds suffered in the attack, and Audrey goes north to find the Storm Fighters after Billy tells her about it. Coop's fate is unknown until Trouble in the South, where it is revealed that he was voted as village leader, though at a cost: after the Fall of the Worlds, when Audrey, Chaise, and Cody moved in, Scourge strongarmed Coop into spying on his village, alerting Finitevus and Infinite to Tundra and Simon's visit to the village. After the fight, Coop moves away, leaving his village in the hands of an old family friend.


It would seem that Coop's determination to protect his sister is a weakness, as Scourge used it to strong-arm Coop into cooperating, especially when Finitevus got involved in the argument.


Audrey the Dog

Similar to Crunch the Lycanroc early on, Coop was rather overprotective of his sister, to the point that he caved into Finitevus' demands and acted as a spy-running the risk of enraging the villagers he led as well as his family-until Tundra and Simon visited to retrieve Audrey, Chaise, and Cody to return them to the warriors. When this happened, Coop left the village to remain with his sister and became apart of the Resistance.

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