Cool the Racoon is a racoon is an interdimensional being.
Cool the Racoon



Cool is a red racoon with purple spines that go in all sorts of directions and tan skin on his muzzle and belly. He has green shoes with yellow stripes. His gloves are black with red words on them that say "KILL". He has red cuffs and deep blue eyes.


Cool used to be very energetic and happy before the Robotnik army attacked. After that he became very cool and edgy. Cool is very cocky, rude, mean, and he is not very cool at all actually. You do not want to meet Cool in a dark alley, because he'll steal your stuff, spit in your face, and call you a wimp. 


Cool used to be a young, carefree hedgehog that was the prince of Krudrukisiru. However, when he turned 8, Robotnik attacked his kingdom. While Cool tried to defend his land, Robotnik launched a nuke that destroyed the kingdom, turning it into the Aquatic Ruins. Cool escaped, but he was never the same. For the next 10 years, Cool was trained by Thorns the mouse and he gained mystical powers from all the mutation. Soon, he became a trained samurai, but He and Thorns were kidnapped by Robotnik to become Gizoids, Robotniks personal slaves. However, Cool was saved by Silver Sonic and the other androids, and he soon overthrew Robotnik and he ruled the Eggman Empire. However, He became Power Hungry and he used the ARK to destroy ALL of Planet SEGA's inhabitants. Sonic and Chip were the only survivers, and they tried to stop Cool, but he absorbed Dark Gaea, and he became SEGA. He still lurks in deep space, constantly sending signals to Earth in the form of bad games.


Cool, when he was training with Thorn, gained the 4 elemental mutations, Water, Fire, Poison, and Air. These elements alow him to throw elemental bombs. In his current form, Cool can absorb anything that he touches, making him interdimensional. Sientists constantly refer to him as a 'Black Hole'.


Being a Racoon, Cool can see in the dark, climb any surface, and scratch.


Cool was taught by Thorn all the usual sonic abilities. This is the spin dash, boost, homing attack, and super peel out. He also learned how to sommon the 64th chaos emerald, turning it's manifestation into a crossbow that can shoot silver arrows. As in, his arrows make the noise 'ITS NO USE' everytime it hits/


Being SEGA, Cool's physical form runs on Cash Money. If SEGA goes bankrupt, Cool will die out

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