Constance "Sparkie" the Rabbit is a character from IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions, as well as IncaIceBunny's Fursona. 


Early Life/Prior to her death

In life, Constance (later nicknamed "Sparkie") had lived with her parents, Peter and Margaret Jansons, along with the rest of her siblings. Her father was the owner of the Hayes' graveyard, though at the time, it was known as the Jansons' graveyard. She died around the same time as the rest of her family did, but the cause of the death was unknown, as even an autopsy could not determine how they died. It is known that one of the Jansons daughters had made a call to 911 for help, possibly meaning that she had

Alta Hayes, a friend of her grandfather, Edward Hayes, bought the graveyard soon after. The one thing she did not remove that belonged to the Jansons family was the painting on the mantle of the fireplace in the parlor, as she thought that would be disrespecting them.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Apperances in Chapters 1-5

Sparkie does not formally appear, though she is seen in a painting in the parlor of the Hayes mansion, along with her parents and siblings, painted two months before their death. Jerome gives a brief history of the family, and Vector asks how he knew all of that. Jerome shows him the manila folder he was reading, intending to put it back soon afterwards.

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Since Sparkie has not made any formal appearances yet, it is difficult to determine her personality yet.

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Usual/Zombie Form

Sparkie has pale-green fur with black markings, similar to Cream, only without the triangle on her forehead. She has a white muzzle and pale green skin on her arms, and blue-green eyes that sometimes pierce the dark. She has ruffled, high-back-length, black hair that is very difficult to groom.

She initially wore a tattered, long-sleeved dress, with a thin, tattered hood. Her current attire consists of a long, short-sleeved gray shirt, blue leggings, gray-and-silver shoes with white socks, white gloves, and a very dark gray hood with a white ribbon tied at the front.

Prior to Death/Non-Zombie Form

Before she died or when she was not a zombie, her fur was actually a pale cream color with dark brown markings. She had a white muzzle with light-colored skin on her arms, but her blue-green eye color remained the same. Her hair was also dark brown and high-back length, but unlike her zombie form, it is soft and smooth.

It is unknown what she wore before her death.


Sparkie stands at about 2'0" (60.96 cm) and weighs about twenty-two pounds (9 kg).

If one looks at her gait carefully, they would notice she walks with a slight limp in her right leg.


Similarly to Cream, Sparkie can flap her ears acting as wings, enabling her to fly. Although her speed is above average on foot, it is easier for her to keep up with those who can run at superspeed through flight.

Sparkie has Electrokenisis, the ability to control electrons at her will. She can also make lightning or small sparks appear from her hands.

Though she is not as smart as Tails or Eggman, Sparkie has very high intelligence for her age, despite the brain-dead zombie stereotype that most would believe.

Being a zombie, if she bites her opponents, it will turn them into zombies as well. Also, because of being a zombie, her body parts (i.e. arms, legs, fingers) can occasionally fall off, but she is able to reattach them and use them again, if the body part when it fell off is not badly damaged.

It is not her strength that makes her a difficult opponent to defeat, but her near-invincible durability, most likely gained from being undead.


Sparkie's main weakness is her heliophobia, her fear of sunlight. When exposed to it, it does not burn her, but she believes it does, and will often go running around panicking, trying to look for a way to escape it.

Sparkie can be a bit clumsy, mostly due to the slight limp in her right leg, which occasionally causes her to trip and/or break things.

Despite her intellect, Sparkie is occasionally shown to have a lack of common sense.



Current Relatives

  • Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
  • Three Unnamed Brothers (Deceased)
  • Unnamed Sister (Deceased)

Future Relatives

  • Mystery Bee (Daughter)
  • Charmy Bee (Husband)
  • Elizabeth Bee (Mother-in-law)
  • Ellie Bee (Sister-in-law)
  • Jerome Bee (Uncle-in-law)


  • LaRae (Close friend)
  • Light Zone Angels
  • Martha the Crocodile
  • Shine the Bat


  • Sparkie's creator, IncaIceBunny, made her real name Constance after her favorite character in The Mysterious Benedict Society book series.
  • After getting adopted, her middle name was LaRae, in honor of her adopted parents' deceased biological daughter.
  • In the earliest concepts, Sparkie was supposed to be a white rabbit with green markings named Mint. Mint's personality resembled Cream's more, being sweet and polite, but tomboyish at the same time. Mint was also the first original character IncaIceBunny had ever came up with, technically making Sparkie the oldest original character of IncaIceBunny's fanfictions.
  • Sparkie has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of Autism.
  • The other four children, Sparkie's siblings, were all her age, meaning that when she was born, her mother had given birth to quintuplets.
  • In Sonic Fanfiction, it is mentioned that shortly before the death of one of the daughters, they made a call to 911 for help, but was found dead by the time they arrived. It is possible that Sparkie was the one who made this call.
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