Conrad the Penguin is the Anti-Andrew the Penguin, and a member of the Moebian Liberation Army.


Conrad was a penguin, who attended the same school as Striker. He posed a significant enough threat to Striker and his 'Allies' Shady and Kilo the Fox, that Scourge the Hedgehog had him thrown out of the city. He clumsily found his way into a spike pit, which found him making his way to Dr Ovi Kintobor's hospital tower. After he was healed, he went out on a limb and tried to save Kilo's life, which he clumsily failed at, causing Kilo's death at Scourge's hands. He fled back to Dr. Kintobor, and expressed his regret. He was trained to be a doctor by Kintobor, and joined his staff. However, his clumsiness made him a failure at being a doctor, but when Striker arrived, at war with Scourge, that Conrad became a battlefield medic amongst them.

About Conrad

Age: 16

Likes: Fish, curried fish, fried fish, fresh fish, frozen fish, dating, saving lives,

Dislikes: Live fish, marriage, going steady, killing people, breaking things

Powers and Abilities

Healing Wind

Water of Life

Battlefield medicine

Limb replacement

Lightning Resuscitation



Andrew/Andrew Prime Prime Zone counterpart

More coming

Friends and Teammates

Striker (Anti-Will)

Shady the Hedgehog (Anti-Maddy)

Ranga (Anti-Jacob)

Eclipse the Hedgehog (Anti-Solar)




Biotic the Hedgehog (Anti-Toxic, turned out to be a traitor)

Flare the Hedgehog (Anti-Frost)

Cloud the Hedgehog (Anti-Bolt)

Venom the Hedgehog (Anti-Poison)

Aki the Bat

Dr. Ovi Kintobor

more coming


Scourge the Hedgehog

Miles Prower

Alicia Acorn

Boomer the Walrus

Patches D'Coolette

Buns Rabbot

Kilo "Meters" Prower (AkA: Kilometers Prower, aka Anti-Kyle)

more coming

Romantic Interests

more coming


Conrad is extremely clumsy, always breaking things, missing things and knocking things over. He cannot help but to break things, something his friends and allies hate! Even his mentor Dr. Kintobor dislikes that problem with a passion. However, Conrad is afraid of commitment, especially in relationships. He fears getting married, or even going steady with a single girl. This fear is so overpowering, it has basically stopped his romantic life.

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