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Cquote1 The Mariala Young Star Dance Company wishes they had me. But I refuse to join because that brat Alyssa is on that team. Let's face it. Everyone says that Big Bad Wolf Birtha uses Alyssa for fame. And she kinda does. Share the spotlight, you Dog-Hog! Cquote2
Connie talking about Alyssa behind her back

Connie the Hare is a character adopted and created by Darkest Shadow. She is a dancer from the DDDC, the Darla's Darlings Dance Company, and the arch rival of Alyssa the Dog.



Connie is described as sweet and nice. She likes to think of herself to be a kind person and that she shows respect for anyone that she meets. She does whatever she is told if the person has authority over her. She would comfort anyone who is feeling sad. She cheers everyone up and puts a smile on their face whenever they need it.

Connie can also be a little bratty at points. She sometimes is a little spoiled and demands things from other people. She also sometimes gets a little over her head and makes fun of their arch rival dance company, the MSYDC. She also sometimes is mean to other people that she doesn't like, and thinks it's because that's how they treat her.

Physical Appearance

Connie stands currently at 3 feet and 2 inches tall and keeps her weight a secret. She is a hare with light pink fur that even covers her arms and tummy. Her brown hair is curly, and it goes down to her mid-back. The front part of her hair consists of two large side bangs that cover the sides of her muzzle and eyes. Her ears are short and have white insides, like her muzzle and skin underneath her fur. Her eyes are separate and her pupils are blue like a sapphire. Her tail is short and shaped like a circle.

Her outfit is rather simple. She wears a comfortable fit thick sleeve dark lavender shirt with a white collar. She wears black spank below her shirt. Finally, for shoes she wears dark lavender high tops with a white strip in the middle and white tips with white soles on the bottom.

Again Connie

Connie's alternate outfit drawn by JINXDROWNED

She also has an alternate outfit. She wears a dark lavender tank top with the straps on her shoulders. For bottoms, she wears a darker purple skirt going a little above her knees. She wears long dark lavender long socks, and dark red five inch heels. She also has dark red gloves that match her heels. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail with a dark red hair barrette.


Trapeze- Connie has shown herself to be an amazing trapeze artist. She was born and raised to be a trapeze artist, and has improved throughout her life. Now she can perform dropping skills, flips and hangs while on the bar. Many people ask her to put on a trapeze show with a friend, or sometimes just by herself. She isn't afraid to be 100 feet above the ground hanging upside down, which most others find crazy.

Dancing- Connie is a very talented dancer according to herself, her peers, her instructor and her crowds. She is able to perform many twirls, leaps, flips and aerials while on the dance floor. She is said to be the best dancer on the DDDC and wins many trophies, medals, solos and prizes.

Chess- Connie was born with amazing skills in chess. She has the mind, and the skill to come up with amazing strategies to capture the opponent's king. People say she is always four steps ahead instead of three. She joined her team's chess club, and wins almost every game she plays.

Abilities and Powers

Enhanced Speed- Connie has very high running speeds. Being overly athletic, she has proven to be very fast on her feet and heavily increases the speeds of an average mobian. Some say it's because of her light weight, and some say it's because of her dancing. She says it's because she is a hare, and all hares are very quick.

Enhanced Hearing- Being a hare, she also has enhanced hearing. She can hear things from miles away if she concentrates on it. She can even hear through thick walls and eavesdrop on others.
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