Confusion Gas is a useful Poison-type technique, focused on distorting the opponent's perceptions.


The user releases a sweet-smelling gas, which carries over an aerosol-type effect, a hallucinogenic burst that with a single inhalation carries over slight alterations to perceptions. However, the more that is inhaled, the greater the sensory distortions are, until the point where the targets are either attacking wildly, dealing as much damage to themselves or their allies as they are to the users, or they pass out.

However, while this technique effects more targets at once than it's Psychic-counterpart, it suffers a number of major drawbacks. As an area-of-effect technique, unless allies are immune to the perception-distorting abilities the gas carries over, or immune to poisons in general, then they can be as affected as the intended targets. In addition, the gas disperses after a relatively short period of time, allowing Wind-manipulators to simply move the gas to a different area and let it dissipate harmlessly.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's use in disabling large groups in a short period of time, while taking into account it's failings, it has been given a C-rank.

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