CRS seal

The official seal of the Confederate Republic.

The Confederate Republic of Sugilite (also known as the Confederate Republic or the C.R.S.) is a confederation existing on Mobius that comprises all of the locations within Northern and Southern Sugilitie, while Eastern Sugilite exists as part of the United Regions of Gemton. Formed by Richard Lockwood, Harriet Baxter and Charles Gaffer-Stewart on 11 February, 2126, the republic was created solely to "get back at" the United Regions government, whom Lockwood, Baxter and Gaffer-Stewart were exiled by for individual reasons. The republic's capital is Agate City, Carnelia.

Initially, Lockwood controlled the Confederate Republic as President, with a few other individuals, including Baxter and Gaffer-Stewart, as members of the republic council. However, after the Sugilite Civil War, the confederation altered drastically and beyond recognition; the ruler of state was the Prime Minister of the Confederate Republic, who was above the Confederate Republic Council and who wrote the laws that the council decided upon. Meanwhile, certain industries and department that the republic controlled were sold to companies in order to raise money for the government, though this act was criticized much. The republic later denied protection from the Guardian Units of Nations, choosing to continue using the Confederate Republic Military.


The Confederate Republic takes up all of Northern and Southern Sugilite, while the East is part of the United Regions of Gemton. The Republic is made up of several islands; Scarloey, Mavis, Capsila, Liberty, Gideon and Sigmund.


Scarloey is the largest of the Sugilite islands, located to the east of Mavis and to the south of Liberty.

Agate City

The capital city of the Confederate Republic is located in the south of the island of Scarloey.


Transport in the Republic was initially controlled, owned and created by CRS Transport, but Sophistica Transport was later given control over Scarloey, Gideon, Liberty and Sigmund.


Creation and Early Years

Civil War

Modern Day

Behind the Scenes

  • Original names for the Republic included; the Federal States, the Confederate States, the United Republic, and the Republic of Northern and Southern Sugilite.
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