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Concordia Prinus the Echidna

Concordia was an eight-year old female Prinus echidna that was gifted with Telekinesis. She was a supporting character within Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Introduced in Reign of Darkness, the first installment of the series, she was Dimitri's prominent childhood friend.

Concordia Prinus the Echidna

Concordia Prinus by Lolcraft98

Making her debut in Rise of the Mystic, Concordia Prinus was a prodigious herbalist who dreamed of flowering her entire village someday. Like the other members of the Prinus Clan, she was one of the many victims of the Prinus Village Massacre.

Concordia was a kindhearted individual that bore incredible knowledge about herbs and the botanic wildlife. While she initially had difficulties making friends, she eventually saw the beauty of life beyond plants and began harboring unrequited feelings she never knew she had for the one she always truly admired.

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Physical Description

Concordia was a female Prinus echidna that stood at below-average height, given her age. She had peach puff-colored skin, shoulder-level short sea green-colored dreadlocks, and fur along with a triangular bang at the front that barely touched the ridge of her nose, and pear-colored eyes. Like other Prinus echidnas, she had visible ears.

To protect herself from the harsh sun, she wore her signature goldenrod-colored straw-hat that featured many beautiful flowers. In addition, she had an eyelash on each eye and always walked barefoot. She wore brown gloves and a brown dress. Since she did agricultural work without the usage of her psychic powers, her gloves, feet, and dress were occasionally dirty. The lightning-shaped mark on her chest was not visible because of her dress and her golden ring on her forehead was covered by her bangs.


Concordia was a reserved, yet emotional and bashful echidna that cherished the life around her. She was an introvert who once had troubles expressing her thoughts. While she was bashful enough to the point of running away from interaction whenever embarrassed, Concordia only let her sweet, emotional side around the one she secretly admired. With his help, she eventually became much more outgoing, assertive, and friendly.

Someone very hard-working and a pacifist down-to-the-core, Concordia's clumsy and timid demeanor made her easily stumble upon her words. Initially passive, she was always dragged to a variety of misadventures with her childhood friend. At the end of each, however, she was always the one who laughed the hardest and smiled the brightest.

Concordia's fascination with nature, especially regarding the botanic wildlife and the stars above, led her to become an aspiring herbalist with a secret dream: fill the entirety of her village with beautiful flowers. Even until her last breath, this echidna believed that nature could provide comfort to the meek, so flowering the Prinus Village would make people less lonely. Therefore, she spent her days cultivating a variety of different plants with her friend.

History and Appearances


Concordia Prinus was born to a passive family of herbalists inside the Prinus Clan, a civilization of echidnas that resided on the northwestern parts of Soumerca, the southwestern Mobian continent. Ever since a very young age, she was thoroughly fascinated with the vermilion-colored forest that surrounded her village and its wildlife.

It was not long for her interest to blossom into an undying passion, which always made her work hard towards her dreams since then; she even decorated her straw-hat with numerous beautiful flowers. However, she eventually was too absorbed in her work and subconsciously isolated herself from others.

This isolation ultimately made Concordia lonely inside the vast village. Her own personal disinterest for her amazing telekinetic abilities further increased the gap between others her age and herself. For a short while, she even believed plants and animals were the only ones that understood her passion.

After some time, Concordia's loneliness was so great she understood that she needed real friends, but did not know where to start. Since she was not experienced in befriending people her age, she would secretly observe other echidnas in a melancholic manner while working; she wanted to befriend them but was too scared to try.

Eight-year-old Concordia's routine would remain the same until that fateful day...


Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Strengths and Powers


Much like the other members of her clan, Concordia Prinus inherited the ability to alter tangible and some intangible structures using her mind alone. This allowed her to levitate other things without even moving from her place, though stamina and concentration were needed for prolonged usage of this skill.

Although most of her strengths were not introduced, Concordia was able to understand wild animals to the point of correctly interpreting their emotions and interacting with them to a degree.

However, even though gifted with amazing psychic abilities, this echidna never showed much interest and barely trained with them, making her mostly an inexperienced novice with her powers. On a side note, she was subconsciously able to bring forth a very large amount of energy whenever embarrassed or angry.

Agricultural Knowledge

In many ways, even though modest about her skills, Concordia Prinus could have also been considered a genius. In a matter of months, because of her determination and passion with the wildlife around her, this echidna became incredibly knowledgeable about agriculture ever since a very young age.

Although a rather silent, Concordia bore almost-encyclopedic knowledge about nature. When it came to being aware of the capabilities of different varieties of plants, animals, and poisons, this echidna was vastly superior to others. While incredibly smart, as a child, she still had many things she needed to learn and experience.

She specialized in the medicinal herbs found within Cinnabar Forest. She was easily able to make very bitter pastes that would almost instantly heal those that consumed them. She would often mix various of them to get a fun variety of effects each time. She would often teach her friend, Dimitri Prinus, about this grand skill.

Creation and Development

Story-wise, Concordia fulfills the role of the protagonist's childhood friend. She, alongside other circumstances, brightened and darkened Dimitri's childhood, plaguing him with both happy memories and a harsh trauma that he would have to deal with the remainder of the series. Coming to terms with her eventual death is one of Dimitri's psychological conflicts, but remaining true to her last will is also one of his main drives moving forward.

Looking back, Concordia became an important symbol for the series. One could argue that having Concordia by Dimitri's side made him a better person. One could assert that she was the reason Teno was able to become a great leader. However, the series' antagonist, Rikai, unfortunately, did not have a figure like Concordia in his life. Would have her presence changed him too, should she had met him when he was little? It is an interesting thought.

Relationships With Other Characters

Friends and Allies


  • Lance Prinus the Echidna


Fun Facts

Everything's Alright - To The Moon OST

Everything's Alright - To The Moon OST

Theme of Concordia

  • Prinus is pronounced pry-nuhs, not pree-nuhs.
  • Concordia's name follows the trend of names meaning 'harmony' and 'peace' within the Prinus Clan.
    • The name Concordia was based on a character of the same name from Pokémon.
  • Her appearance was slightly based on Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead series.
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