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Commander Darth


He is a nightmare wolf which means that his fur is red and black. He wears casual clothing like jeans and a t-shirt, but has menacing claws and teeth to make up for it. He has a bushy tail and face. Unlike many mobians his muzzle is black. He has red marking on his whiskers, hair tips, and tail tip. He also only wears stuff that is red besides his jeans. He has a red lightning scar on his forehead for an accident in his childhood. He has blood stains all over his fur from killing innocent mobians. His eyes are bright red and his teeth and claws are always sharpened due to him sharpening them all the time.


He is a tough, viscious, and courageous commander. He never backs down from a fight and will not stop till he get what he wants. He has killed and helped kill many mobians including Charlotte's parents. He does have a good side, but that is only towards his family, otherwise he will stop at nothing to control Mobius. Including never backing down from a fight he will kill with no warning an no mercy along with his partner Dr.Knackburn.


For some unknown reason Charlotte's parents were his main target. He planned on killing them since he was little. He was raised witbh evil parents who hated lots of Mobians. This may be a hint torwards why he wanted to kill Charlotte's parents was last seen in his airship ten years ago during a mass murder by bombing houses with the help of another villain Dr.Knackburn. He has been see in his airship in the recent year by Charlotte and Lucinda's family, but nothing else is known about his whereabouts.


He has a great skill for forging weaponry and is very tacticful in making his plans.


He has no known weaknesses. (Thinking about one though)



  • Fang the Wolf
  • Dr.Knackburn
  • Minions


  • Slash the Wolf- Father
  • Faw the Wolf- Mother

Romantic Intrests

  • None
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