Commander Alan Mak is a military-general working at G.U.N. He was a character in Sonic: Revolutions and served as Sonic's "contact in the international affairs". He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who was crippled and wheelchair-bound in the finale of Season 3. He is somewhat of an anti-hero in the series, having opposed Sonic's plan to have his friend Milo Prower retrieve his stolen equipment and even got told to nuke Station Square, but was stopped. However, he is (debatebly) the hidden main antagonist of much of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, as he is the Hooded Employer and the main antagonist of Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations, the mastermind behind Dr. Eggman's robot-funding, and the true main antagonist of Sonic: Revolutions, revealed in Season 5, where he is the direct main antagonist of the season.


Early life

Alan Mak's early life is unknown, other than his great role in G.U.N. battles, saving country after country from terrorists, the world's greatest war hero basically. he had also taken part in the Siege of Kanatahséton in 2004, which was spearheaded by Robert Geran. He had also let Eggman out of a prison with bail money, then gave him enough money to start his campaign against the world. However, it is unknown if Alan was actually in charge of Eggman's schemes.

He was the mastermind behind Killian Fredson's contract, and the hooded employer of the Bounty Guild during that time. On Rocky Island, tehy were being paid to collect illegal plants and use them to make a super-powered super-soldier drug, but Sonic and Tails stopped this plan. When Killain was defeated and the island's prisoners got away on a submarine, Sonic sends a message to the employer; "You better be on your guard, 'cause I'm coming for you."

Supplies stolen

At some point, he was commissioned to work in a military camp outside Station Square. A Bounty Guild member named Dr. Eggman eventually started stealing convoys meant for Alan's camp, which got the attention of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic's apparent "contact" in G.U.N. He sends Milo Prower to talk to Alan in his camp in the forest (snow was everywhere). Alan tells Milo that his supplies were stolen repeatedly and wants to stop this.

Eventually, Eggman is murdered by Sonic and the supplies are sent back. Milo is given thanks.

A city in chaos

When the terrorist Metallico Prower unleashes a super-soldier army on Station Square, Alan was commissioned by the President to destroy the city with a drone-strike. However, Sonic stops this so that Milo can save the city without destroying it. Milo's half-brother Max Prower comes to the camp and sabotages the drones, dropping them off a cliff to freeze in the icy water below. Alan was right about to tell the President about this, but then Max takes a gun and shoots Alan in the leg, crippling him for life. Milo still won and Alan was crippled.

Creatura incident

When the werewolf-like beast named George Creatura attacks and plans to use the Space Colony ARK to destroy the world, Milo calls up Alan, who isn't too happy with what Max did to him. However, Alan was responsible for Creatura's attack, as a plan to throw the world into chaos so that he can take over. Still, he helps when he is told that Sonic had been twisted into an evil monster on the inside, now evil and has to die. Milo comes to his camp and tells him of a fort in the Dusty Desert owned by werewolves. Alan sends five battleships to dock with the nearby settlement (this fort was right at the edge of an ocean) and had them bombard the fort while Milo got inside and killed Sonic. It later turns out that Creatura is taking a spaceship to the ARK. He has a hovercraft send Milo there, which lead to Milo defeating Creatura and destroying the ARK. Creatura's purpose was served, and Alan's campaign was being put together.

Evil campaign


Clues of his evil

The revelation that Alan Mak is the hooded antagonist in Stranded Revelations was made less surprising due to the following clues:

  • When Max invades Alan Mak's camp in Fury, we can see in Alan's locker in his bunker that there is a brown hooded cloak hanged up. It greatly resembles the hood seen in Stranded Revelations.
  • In Stranded Revelations, we can see that while the rest of the villain's face is covered, his eyes are zoomed-in on, revealing heterochromic eyes; red and grey eyes. Alan also has these eyes, but a different face.
  • In Crisis, part 3, Sonic uses his laptop to search-up bullet-shot victims, but winds up pulling up a list of names that shows a series of people at Station Square General Hospital that had gotten various forms of surgery. In this list, if you look closely, you can see "Pvt. Alan Mak" on the list and Sonic clicks on that file to see how to recover from a gunshot to the rib-cage. Literally 5 seconds later, he pulls the file that shows how to do surgery on a gunshot victim, but if you pause the episode and look closely at Alan's file, it reads "Plastic surgery, face completely changed, claimed to be hiding from someone". This could likely mean that Alan had gotten plastic surgery to hide from Sonic, who had proclaimed before the credits of Stranded Revelations that he would find the hooded villain and kill him.
    • To support this, Alan had once said he had gotten plastic surgery in the episode Truce, part 3. He said it was to prevent a terrorist from attacking him and had changed his name too. He could very well be referring to Sonic.
  • In Stranded Revelations, when Sonic was looking at a computer file in Killian's lair showing his past employers, we can see a visit to a G.U.N. prison (likely Prison Island). The hooded villain was there, with the file reading "Gen. Alan Mak: bails out Dr. Ivo Robotnik with $200,000". This means that Eggman was in prison before he met Sonic and Alan had let him out in case KIllian was to fail in his plan, and that Alan might have been demoted before his introduction to the TV series. Killian even said "I'm not going to let that diabetes-peppered mustache do this for me! The hooded man WILL pay me!" It isn't made apparent if Eggman was working for Alan for lots of the franchise or if he betrayed him, but it is known that Alan had let him out of prison and was essentially responsible for setting many of the Sonic the Hedgehog games in motion.
  • In Final Sacrifice, when Milo comes to Alan and Tails and says that he killed Sonic, Alan is shown turning his back to Milo and speaking very quickly, too quickly for the audience to understand. However, if you slow this down and listen closely, you can hear him say "Oh, jeez, he did something that an army of bounty hunters couldn't do, seriously, how does that work, oh well, with Sonic gone, Tails will be next, I swear, I swear it, I swear it." This seems to be a way to reveal to the audience that Alan is the hooded villain.
  • In Fury, when he was told by the President to destroy Station Square with a drone-strike, he could be heard muttering under his breath, saying "How could he [Metallico] do what his superior [Killian] couldn't? Why didn't I just directly hire him to do this? And where was that serum this whole time that I was hunting for it? Rocky's alternative didn't work."
  • In Final Sacrifice, Tails was revealed to have put a wire-tap on Alan's computer, so now he can read everything he's seeing on the Internet, but more importantly, he can now read his e-mails, sent or received, and read all his personal files. An e-mail he sent to "Leader of Followers" was in coded form, so we don't know what it meant:


This doesn't mean anything on it's own. Tails uses a decoder kit to decipher this message, but it cuts to credits before anyone can find out what it means. However, if YOU were to use a decoder kit and set "A = B", it would translate to:


This was meant to foreshadow the likelihood of Alan being the main antagonist of Season 5.


  • In the last two episodes of Season 5 in Sonic: Revolutions, he is dressed much like Albert Wesker, then main antagonist of the Resident Evil franchise. He also turns into a monster in The Finale that resembles Wesker's zombie transformation at the ending of Resident Evil 5, too.
  • He seems to have a fear of dogs, as he said that one came by and he wet his pants.
  • Alan has a similar role to Ozwell E. Spencer in the Resident Evil franchise; both are cripples in wheelchairs, both have been in control of or had a serious involvement in events concerning their respective franchise's supposed main antagonist (Dr. Eggman and Albert Wesker, respectively), both were generally considered (but were debatably-considered) the Bigger Bad main antagonist of their respective franchises, both were seeking world domination in a non-traditional way that most video-games follow (Spencer sought to conquer the world by turning all of humanity into his own zombie minions, while Alan's plan was military-based), and both had been the ones to be betrayed by their minions that were believed to be the villain (Albert Wesker betrays Spencer, Metallico betrays Alan). They were also both in control of a massive corporation/organization that affected the plot in such a way that without it, the plot probably wouldn't actually happen (Umbrella Corporation and G.U.N.)
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