Comic the Hedgehog
Age Chronologically 30+, mentally 17, biologically ageless.
Gender Male
Cause of Death N/A (Living)
Species Hedgehog
Allegiance Evil
  • Yellow Eyes
  • White quills
  • Green hair
  • Red muzzle
  • Lanky build
  • Strangely coloured suits
  • None
  • None
Occupation Attempted murderer/Terrorist/Comedian
Nicknames and Titles
  • Surge
  • Adalwulf
  • "Okay, okay... So, this guy is walking through a dark alley and gets mugged. The mugger yanks off the guy's coat, pushes him to the ground and takes his wallet. Then he STOMPS on the guy's back! The guy drags himself to the nearest building to get help. It happens to be a library. The librarian comes out and says "I'm sorry sir, we can't possibly accept one in this condition. Look! THE JACKET IS MISSING AND THE SPINE IS DAMAGED! HEHEHEHEHYAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA...!!!"
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Harmless-looking party favours
  • Immortality
  • Immunity
  • Invincibility
  • Highly intelligent
  • Has early-onset NIDS
  • Insane (or is he really?)
Theme Song

Entry of the Gladiators

"You're a joke. I'm a joke. But you're overplayed. You're yesterday's news!" -Comic

Comic the Hedgehog is a villain in Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Chapters who comes from Mobius A. He is the result of the deceased spirit of Surge the Hedgehog possessing the body of the recently deceased Adalwulf the Hedgehog. Adalwulf's spirit is gone, leaving behind only Surge, who now owns an immortal, if strange looking, body!



The insane Surge the Hedgehog was in fact a different being altogether, created in the chemical accident. Left disembodied after Surge's death, it searched for a new body. An immortal, invincible hedgehog seemed too good to pass up.

Modern Day

No information yet.


Despite his behaviour, Comic is in fact in poor shape. Due to the experimentation, he has begun to develop NIDS, the very disease he was created to combat. He is also capable of rapid regeneration. He once demonstrated this by casually chopping off his hand, sticking it on, wiggling his fingers, and repeating this while bored. He also bends like rubber, as any broken bones or torn ligaments are repaired immediately. Some of his abilities seem almost supernatural, such as backflipping into a toilet, flushing it, saluting, and still fitting down the drain fine. When he turned up later, he wasn't even dirty. He has also opened his mouth to ridiculous size. His regenerative ability seems to continue after death. If his spinal cord is severed, he will die, but it will repair in less than three seconds, and he will be alive again. The strangest point of all is that he NEVER bleeds.


Comic the Hedgehog is a complete nut. His seriousness is never anywhere near that of his crimes. He is utterly joke-obsessed. Most everything he says is his sick idea of a joke, suggesting that he actually finds his despicable acts funny. He is also the only character in the series to make frequent use of robots.


  • It is unclear exactly how the chaos energy killed Adalwulf, as he was supposed to be immortal.
  • He was written out and turned into Comic the Hedgehog because the character was considered to be too dark and mature, whereas an excuse was always wanted to get Surge back.
  • Comic is even more a ripoff of The Joker than Surge. Whereas Surge had the evil clown attitude, Comic even LOOKS like him!
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