Comet the Cat

"This should be fun!" -Comet the Cat-

Comet the Cat is the evil brother of Stardust the Cat. He is the complete opposite of Stardust. Unlike Stardust, who is kind and caring, Comet is evil and never shows mercy.

Comet the Cat
StarShine Kingdom
Purple shirt, gray baggy jeans, red shoes, and purple sunglasses on top of his head.
Black fur and deep purple eyes.
Original Parents/Siblings:
King Jupiter (Father), Queen Galaxina (Mother), and Princess Stardust (Sister).
Seeing others' misery/pain, fighting, showing off, death to others, thinking he's the best, and hurting others.
Seeing others happy, Stardust, Mobius, getting hurt, people who are stronger than him, nice people/things, and all who defy him.
Fire Fist (Fight Power)

Asteroid Laser (Fight Power) Comet Kick (Fight Power)

Destruction Smash (Fight Power)
Transportation and a "killer instinct".



Comet the Cat was the former Prince of StarShine Kingdom. He was born to King Jupiter and Queen Galaxina. However, he was completely evil for unknown reasons, and his top priority was to become the King of StarShine Kingdom. To do this, Comet decided to attempt to kill his own father. After this incident, he was thought to be insane for some time. During his imprisonment, Stardust tried to change Comet's evil personality, but failed. Eventually, Comet was banned from his kingdom, and was sent to an unknown planet. (Stardust suffered from loneliness and ran away soon afterwards. She was never banned, however.) Since then, Comet has been roaming Planet Mobius, the planet that he ended up on. He soon discovered that Stardust was also on Mobius, and realized that as long as she was alive, she would be destined to be the next ruler of Starshine Kingdom. His top priority, as of right now, is to kill the princess and be the only liable member of the royal family to take over the crown. 


Comet is evil, merciless, and unkind. He is the complete opposite of his sister, Stardust. Anything that Stardust is capable of, Comet cannot do, and vice versa. It is unknown why Comet was born as the complete opposite of Stardust.


Comet mainly has fighting powers, which Stardust does not. Comet, unlike Stardust, doesn't have Star powers or Healing powers. He does, however, have some Charm Powers.

Physical Appearance

Comet is 17 years old. He is a black cat with deep purple eyes. He sports a Purple shirt, a black robe, and gray baggy jeans. He occasionally has a pair of purple sunglasses on his head. He has gray and white shoes and black hair on the top of his hat, and wears fingerless black gloves.


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Starburst the Cat

Wraith the Hedgehog

Cepheus the Cat

Corvus the Cat

King Jupiter the Cat

Queen Galaxina the Cat


Comet eventually finds out that Stardust returned to StarShine Kingdom to marry and become queen. After hearing this, he sets off once again to try to kill Stardust for a final time at her wedding. He was captured when Cepheus and Corvus fight and knock him out, and he was kept in the castle dungeon for a while. Stardust, feeling some sympathy for Comet, set him free and told him to leave Starshine Kingdom and to never return. He did so, knowing he had lost for a final time. 

His current whereabouts remain a mystery.


  • Comet tends to call Stardust, his sister, "Stardirt". 
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