Comet the Bear, is a comet who crashed on earth prior to the start of the first sonic game, and took a humanoid appearance.


Comet was first brought into existence some 1000 years ago. He was born as a comet, traveling through the sky for 500 years, until an unmanned rocket came into contact with him, and sent him flying towards the earth. After he crashed, he sat for 20 years until he was picked up and taken for a lab for testing. During testing, they cracked the rock open, and a blinding light emerged from the split-open rock. This caused the meteorite to disappear, and reappear somewhere else, as a humanoid creature. After learning the culture and mannerisms of the people, he started a new life as Comet.


Comet is a brown bear, with long hair often styled into a braid and light blue eyes. His attire consists of a simple t-shirt, with a knee-length maroon coat, with fuzzy cuffs. He wears black pants, with knee-high black boots, with fur on the edges.

Powers and Abilities

Flight - Comet can fly.

Abnormal Tolerance to Pain - Comet can receive more pain then a normal person can.

Gravity Manipulation - Comet can completely remove, or amplify gravity within a 50 foot radius of them.

Cyrokinesis - Comet can manipulate and create ice.

With all seven of the chaos emeralds, he can use them to transform into Super Comet, in which all of his powers are amplified and can fly at unrealistic speeds.


Character currently unfinished.

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