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Cyan Sonic, the second Colored Sonic that joins you

Colored Sonics are copies of Sonic that appear in the game "Sonic: Color the World". They represent different personalities of Sonic and have different abilities. There are 8 Colored Sonics in the game: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan (pictured at right), Purple, White, and Black (who serves as the main antagonist). Colored Sonics are used to collect the Chaos Emeralds in the game. In normal levels, the normal Sonic is followed by one Colored Sonic.

Personalities and Powers


White Sonic is revealed to be Sonic's almost non-existent scared and hesitant side. He is very cautious and a follower, usually waiting until the other Sonics run off to follow them. He seems to possess no power at first, but he acts a guide if Sonic dies 5 or more times in a single level. He gives an E-Rank if the stage is played with him. At the end of the stage, the player can choose to replay the stage without any assistance.


Cyan Sonic's personality seems almost identical to normal Sonic's. He is, however, a little more patient and tolerant then normal Sonic is. Cyan Sonic also seems to be somewhat of a quick thinker, as shown before he fought Green Sonic. His abilities are basically Classic Sonic's moves, the Spin Dash and the Roll.


Red Sonic seems to have conflicting personalities. When he is first saved, he seems annoyed. He later grows more tolerant of the other Sonics. He has a thing for annoying people, as shown when the group was flyign the Frost Mountain, he yelled "TAILS!!! DON'T CRASH THE PLANE!!!" and then snickered. Towards the end of the game, he seems to have gone insane, randomly yelling things like "BLOW IT UP!!!" In the last few cutscenes, he seems to have returned to normal. Red Sonic's power is to create explosions. Using these explosions, he can blow up chunks of ground and enemies that can only be defeating with his explosions.


Green Sonic's personality is revealed to be random. He is a bit of a scatterbrain, as a result. His personality changes from complaining, to confused, to relatively normal all in one cutscene. He also is shown to be a bit sheepish. His power is to turn invisible for a limited time.


Purple Sonic could be noted as Sonic's "Shadow" side. He acts as if he doesn't need help ever, even denying that he needed help when Sonic saved him. Otherwise, he seems to have no personality outside of folding his arms. He has psychokinetic powers, like Silver.


Yellow Sonic is Sonic's speedy side. He is usually in a rush, not wanting to stand around and wait for people. This can be attributed to his extremely high speed. Yellow Sonic's ability is to run faster than the others and jump a little higher. However, he takes 50 rings of damage instead of 30.


Not much is known about Orange Sonic's personality. He seems to be the quiet side of Sonic, as he not seen talking very often in his short appearance in the game. He also has a better connection with Yellow Sonic than with the other Sonics. He is the heaviest Sonic and can break through hard ground easily by Stomp.


Black Sonic is a creation of Dark Gaia's energy when Sonic gained the Werehog form. When Dark Gaia sucked its energy back up, costing Sonic his Werehog form, a little bit escaped and formed Black Sonic. He is Sonic's evil side that awakened when he took the Werehog form. He also awakens when Sonic uses his Dark form. Black Sonic has all the abilities of Sonic, plus an apparent control of darkness.

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