Colonel Hivex the Yellow Jacket is a character created by SuperSilverXtreme14 on 4/22/17.

Colonel Hivex the Yellow Jacket is the general of Queen Larnia's army. Though his Insect Clan isn't on good terms with the other clans, Hivex is loyal to his clan and his queen and will serve them till the end of his days.


Hivex, like those of his clan, has yellow and black skin patterns, black antennae and yellow jacket wings. His eyes are large and black. Unlike the other generals and colonels in his group, however, he has black zigzags (like lightning bolts) branching around his stinger and up his back. These unique patterns have given him the nickname "Lightning Streak", among his Clan. He is 37 years old.

Hivex wears a black jacket, black pants, and black boots. He carries a green pack over his back and is often seen holding a long, needle-like, spear or sword with a stinger-venom tipped point.


Extremely devoted to his queen and clan, Hivex is known among both the RAS and Queen Larnia as quite a respectable and honest insect. Having gained the admiration and trust of everyone in his Clan, Hivex is conscious of his own achievements and tries to not take anything as that big a deal. So saying, he is very humble and doesn't let his pride get ahead of him.

When he was a young yellow jacket, Hivex was taught that to get what you wanted, you must earn it through trial and error. Thus, Hivex is a hardworking and fair-play fighter, only taking exactly the amount of credit he earned and leaving the rest to the others. He is also quite chivalrous and treat his opponents, even those who are higher in rank than him, or outside of his Clan, with the upmost respect.


Early Life When Hivex was a child, he grew up in a very restricting environment, full of rules laid out on posters and billboards. In school, he learned that rules were everything and to stay in the rules, one must remain within the circle of things. Growing up for him was especially hard, for everyone would make fun of his zigzag like patterns and he wasn't very good at flying either, always moving in a zigzag aerial pattern. It was very hard for him to fit in, but when he reached his teenage years, all that changed for the better.

A Suitable Role When Hivex was 15, he decided to train to become a soldier in the RAS. Entering as the latest recruit, he soon proved to be quite nimble on his feet and his zigzag aerial movements also proved to be quite handy. He was also quite strong and quickly learned how to use weapons in combat. His commanders and trainers soon grew to admire him, and so did many of the soldiers in his group. However, some of the soldiers grew envious of his skills and bullied him. Though Hivex had formed some strong bonds with his friends and commanders, he still couldn't shake off his enemies.

A Queen's Praise Years later, after fighting in the RAS for five years, Hivex was invited for a conference with Queen Larnia of the Yellow Jackets. The Queen had obviously taken an interest in this young and bright soldier and offered him a rise in his rank. Hivex accepted the offer and soon rose in rank. All the soldiers and other Insect Clans soon saw his great skill, and many praised him for it. He won many battles under his Clan's insignia and became a favorite of his queen in both manner and action.

Allies with Soleanna Because Queen Larnia and her ancestors before her had been on such good terms with the kingdom of Soleanna and its rulers, they became the kingdom's best defense against the other Insect Clans once war and rebellion broke out. Sending Hivex and his men to Soleanna to guard and protect the kingdom from attack, Queen Larnia hopes that the people shall be protected and their current monarch, Princess Elise, may yet remain its ruler still.


* Nimble and Agile

* Skilled in use of both spear and sword

* Flies and attacks in a zigzag-like pattern


Hivex uses two different close-combat weapons: the spear and the sword.

When using the spear, Hivex thrusts rapidly and directly, pinning his opponent in his weak points and places where he is most vulnerable. When using the sword, however, Hivex attacks at a much closer range through sword combat. Both his sword and his spear are crafted through a thick and rather unbreakable substance that is produced specifically within Queen Larnia's kingdom. They both have pointy and thin ends, like a needle or a stinger, and both are the color of bee wax or that substance used to build yellow jacket nests.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Hivex has a quick eye and can detect the presence of anything or anyone in front of or behind him. This is especially handy when someone is trying to kill him or take him by surprise. Because of his unique flight and attack pattern, Hivex can easily dodge and strike his opponents from all sides.

Weaknesses Though his flight and attack patterns are very good for attack, they lack in change and are very predictable. Anyone can memorize his flight and attack pattern, and strike when he least sees it coming. He also tends to attack an opponent once in this fashion, and often when there is just one in a group. If there are two many, or his opponents are in a tight-knit group, it can be rather difficult to find a good opening to attack.

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