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This is an article about Coloa Cephalop, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 03/21/2016.

A representation of the sin of envy, Coloa is a burdened soul seeking peace and recognition. Too bad her form of art involves the misery and enslavement of others, because other than that she would probably find at least someone to like it


Coloa resembles a hunched, somewhat stout humanoid with the usual skin-covering black that the Arch-Faces are associated with. From her head and behind her mask are various tentacle-like appendages that secrete varying colors, that she can manipulate at will. She is decorated with various blue teardrop-like spots starting at her eyes and ending at her chin, along with lines of changing color throughout her body. Only one eye is exposed from her mask, which resembles a mess of wrapped tentacles and a symbol representing a skethy eye of sorts.


Coloa, like the other Arch-Faces she accompanies, represents a certain sin, in her case being envy. Coloa's whole existence is a feeling of inadequacy and hopelessness, feeling that because there exist people better than her that she just shouldn't try to improve, or better yet, seek out and personally destroy anyone she deems superior in regards to her talents. Coloa is also a very sensitive person, quickly bursting into tears at so much as a raised voice directed at her. She's not used to compliments or anything positive directed at her, feeling like she's at the highest point of her life from something as simple as a "good job," or "I like that."


Coloa's backstory is mostly unknown. Unlike the other Arch-Faces, the Arch-Face of Envy had chosen her because she exemplified the sin of envy, of those much more talented and overall happier than her. The Arch-Face had corrupted her mind, while not as badly as others, by letting her retain her negative memories and erasing any sort of positivity from her mind. Coloa, while still having memory of who she is, refuses to admit to her identity out of a feeling of shame.


Coloa, both with and without her Arch-Face possession, has the ability to manipulate paint and color. Primarily, Coloa can use this to create and color of paint from tentacle-like extensions from her head, each having differing elemental properties based on what color, as well as being able to turn into paint herself. Being possessed by the Arch-Face, Coloa has also gained the ability to drain objects and people of their color, transforming them into white statues and removing most texture based on what was affected by this. Coloa uses this as a form of land-grabbing technique, creating a barren space where anything that gets on it is drained of its color and petrified.


Coloa is an exceptional, if not talented artist. Using people whose color she's stolen as bases she has created many three-dimensional masterpieces of painted patterns and diorama, Coloa has effectively created an art form in itself, which some might call "Corpse Sculpting." She even uses her favorite brush, the 222b, as her weapon in combat, splashing her magic paint at a fairly long-ranged distance


Coloa's main weakness is not really one of her power, but rather of her personality. Being so close to her breaking point, any form of negativity directed at her can easily destroy her emotionally, throwing her into a frenzy of sadness and self-loathing. Int his state Coloa is more dangerous, blindly throwing out attacks at either friend or foe, not keeping in mind the properties of the paint she's throwing out and how it may adversely affect her and her allies.

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