Collect is an unusual elementless technique.


When the user is tired or drained, they can activate this ability in order to see small orbs of energy, each one in a different color. These orbs are remnants of energy from other beings or sources of power, with the size varying on the amount of energy held. Once the user comes into contact with one of these energy orbs, they can regain their power, but often with a strange twist - some orbs may convey positive power increases, while some others carry negative ones. The most unusual are the neutral ones, as these orbs can give the user memories from the source of the energy. These memories have been known to teach the user how to perform a technique instantly. However, as a trade-off, the energy packets deteriorate after a month, while the user can only see them for five minutes with a ten minute gap between activations.


Pokemon Users


Technique Rank

Due to the mixed use of the technique, and it's unpredictable side-effects, it bears a C-rank.

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