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Colita the Fox Colita the Fox

Biographical Information
RelativesAloe the Fox: Mother, Chin: Father, Marucho the Foxster: Oldest brother, Lizanne the Foxster: Older sister, Barkloe the Rooster: Older brother,Yuka the Hen: Younger sister,Mora the Fox: Younger brother
Romantic InterestsNone yet
Physical Description
  • White fur
  • Pink eyes
  • Blue shoes
  • White pants
  • Green shirt
  • Pink coat
Political Alignment and Abilities

Growth and Full fox transformation

Super FormsNone yet
Other Information
American V.A.None
Japanese V.A.none
Theme Song(s)None yet
AppearancesNone yet
Original CreatorEAJ/Hikaruyami-have-fun* (she helped me come up with the idea's so she gets credit!)


The youngest in the family and like her siblings will be a very well behaved daughter and listen well to her parents as well as learn to control her powers

.She and her family still live in New Hope Orphanage, helping taking care of the other kids and helping around the house when there's not much time to play.


  • Fox transformation-Like her mom, she can turn into a full fox
  • Growth- Also, she can grow to giant size like her mom
  • Karate- Like the rest of her siblings, she also learned karate from their dad


Colita is a female mobian fox, from her mother's side with white fur, white hair styled long which is parted some and a few bangs over and pink eyes. Her clothes is a short pink coat, a lime green shirt, white pants, and blue shoes with some white. In her fox form, she's a pure white fox with snow white fur from her fuzzy head to her fuzzy tail.

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