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Cole is an averaged height black furred Thai fox that wears bandages around his hands and feet.


Cole is a polite gentleman with a cocky attitude, he has better control of his anger than his brother Dynamo.


Sometime after Sagat resigned from Shadoloo, he found Cole sleeping under the Bhudda statue. When Cole awoke, he saw the tall muay legand and agreed to train with him. Adon soon found out about Sagat's new student and challanged him. Cole defeated Adon using his rock abilities, Adon swore revenge on Cole. He currently has a job of making stone statues and selling them as a living.


Cole has the power to create and modify any kind of rock or stone, which means he can create any kind of gem he wants but it takes hours for him to create a single grapefruit sized diamond. He can also change a type of rock to another (Ex. from marble to thunderegg).

Special Abilities

Cole has all knowlage about every single type of rock/stone in existance, he has written countless books about all kinds of things rock/stone related.


Cole is a trained kickboxer and has won almost every kickboxing tournament. He has learned to make stone statues by imagining the product, then it slowly forms into reality.


Cole's weakness is explosives.

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