Cquote1 You know I was born in Green Hill not Green Grove. Cquote2
Cold talking to Tails.

Cold was born in the mid Winter of Green Hill,after leaving Green Hill on an adventure,Cold settled down in Winter Zone,there he was raised by his family of what he had left.His oldest brother left because he was involved in some gang related issues,before he left he told Cold "What meets the eye is not always what meets the soul.".At the age of 10 he met Sonic and Amy at Palmtree Panic on Little Planet,after seeing a wanted poster of Eggman in hopes of finding money,after defeating Eggman he join Sonic on his next adventure.(Sonic 2 HD remake)When Cold met Tails,he thought he was to young to join them on their adventure until Tails saved him and Sonic from getting killed by a Snail Badnik.At Hidden Palace the three met Ashura,a hedgehog from the past who wants power,almost losing Sonic and Cold discover their Super Form while trying to survive.After defeating Eggman(again),the team went to their next adventure(Sonic 3 & Knuckles Ultimate HD Remake),where they meet Knuckles,who screw them over and took their emeralds,Flame and his family at Launch Base and quickly became friends.Sonic and Cold learn they both have Hyper Forms,and Tails found out he has a Super Form.Cold fallow Sonic on his Adventures,until at the age of 15 He met Flames adopted brother Black The Cat(Sonic Shuffle Remake Remix), he met Sai the Fox(Sonic Adventure Remix Remake),Cold thinks of Sai as a wise dude.Months Later he met Shadow, he met Skate and Lisa(Sonic 06 remastered),two new Chaotix members.Cold then made his own group and left Sonic's group.Now Cold lives in a Ice castle(a glitch I did in Ice Cap) in Ice Cap,on Angle Island.

Apparent Death

Cquote1 After all I did to you, you still want me alive? Cquote2
Death of Cold.

At Tails Hidden Place (from Sonic 2), Cold was lifting hundreds of rock, trying to save Blaze and Vee from getting crushed by the rock, Tails was knocked out cold by Metal Espio, meanwhile Ultimate Sonic was fighting Hyper Mephiles the Dark while Flame and Ashura had tried to save the Master Emerald and the Time Stone. Knuckles quickly thought of a plan, and dough a hole right next to Blaze, Knuckles quickly grabbed Vee and Blaze. Knuckles told Cold come on, Cold replied “After all I did to you, you still want me alive? ,”Knuckles replied “Yes Cold you’re my friend.”.Cold said” Get out of here Knuckles” Knuckles replied “But Cold!”, Then Ashura yells something ”If Vee and Blaze dies and the Master Emerald drops then Cold has died in vain! ”.Knuckles left and went to help Ashura and Flame, and the rock had made the ground under cold break and both Cold and The rocks were falling down a bottomliss pit (Note: Cold was under the rocks  ). After saw his friend die from the crystal part of the ground, he turn to Mephiles and said”You stole the Time Stones then stole Master Emerald, knock out 3 of my friend, and then killed one, that is it.” Sonic turned dark with rage. Ultimate Dark Sonic blasts Metal Espio to bits and then beats Mephiles till he begs for forgiveness, Mephiles said”Forgive me please!”Ultimate Dark Sonic replies” Did you forgive my friend” then Sonic opens a portal to the Hell zone of no forgiveness. Mephiles said” Please no I won’t kill again forgive me” Sonic picks Mephiles up as he bickers for forgiveness,please just kill me, Ultimate Dark Sonic yells” No!” and throws Mephiles into the Portal, as Mephiles voice fades away ”Forgive meeeeeeee (voice fades)eeeeeeeee!” three hours have past and Colds friends made a grave for Cold.

Back again

Cquote1 What, you act like you never seen power before, well guess what baby it is happen in front of you. Cquote2
Getting Rid Of Some Bad Blood.

In the Roleplay:The Bad Blood,Cold is found out to be alive and with the Wechina, who gave him more power to stop Bad Blood.


Cold will be appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Chapters, though it has yet to be confirmed how he will end up there or what he will do.

Ice the Hedgehog

Cquote1 Cold that guy, you don't know me, you have to be me to know me. Cquote2
Ice the Hedgehog.

Ice the Hedgehog is Cold's genetic clone, but four years older, and is more powerful.

Age:19 and 1/2

Powers:Same as Cold


  • Children of Mobius, The Legend Begins(Cold's kids Axel and Iceen)
  • World Hero Tournament
  • Valintines Day: Teniahk's Birthday (Free Join)
  • A lost Dimension
  • The Championship Tournament of Heroes
  • The Bad Blood
  • Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • Awesome Pool (please join)
  • The Demonic Epidemic
  • The Clone Wars
  • The Mobius Rock, Death Metal, and Country tournement

A Cold Sprite

  • Mad Matrix
  • Metal,The Thunder Master
  • Rise of Evanidus
  • The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber
  • The Troll Chronicles
  • Numbered Days
  • Vengeance From Below The Earth

Cold,Krinkinko,and Clara the Hedgehog,drawn by Blackthorn4,THANKS MAN!:D

Human cold

Cold as a human

Major Battle

  • Darkstorm VS Cold
  • Ult.Tails,Ult.Ashura,Ult.Shadow,Ult.Cold VS Xenomorph
  • Cold with Ultimate Soul Caliber VS Smash
  • Cold with Ultimate Soul Caliber VS Metal
  • Ultimate Cold with Ultimate Soul Caliber VS Ultimate Flame
  • Cold VS Skate


Cold in School

Cold's magic ID

Cold in schoolstuff

Cold magic


  • Sonic CD's Ultimate Remake
  • Sonic Adventures 3/Sonic Adventures 3 battle
  • Sonic CD 3D
  • Shadows Clone
  • Sonic High Riders
  • Sonic Battle Bawls(Hack of Sonic Battle)
  • The Sai Chronicles Of Bad Blood(RPG fan game)
  • Sonic Ultimate Heroes

more coming soon


Cold smiling.

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