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Cold Knell is a dreaded cold attack know for its association with Winter and Death. It also is linked with the Ice Elemental Synchro Stone, which allows someone to use the technique.


The user either lifts their Ice aligned Synchro Stone or their hands. The receptacle then glows with cold energy. A sound of an ominous bell is rung, similar to ones rung at funerals. This noise somehow invokes the old fear of the dead of winter, and the death associated with it. The target or targets then are overcoem with a powerful cold sensesation that chills them to the bone. This cold alone is enough to kill or knock out much weaker targets, and the sound can cause terror in victims.

Those unaffected by mind effects and cold damage are unaffected by the noise and cold attack respectively. Instead, they are slammed with a slice of cold.


Add your character is they can use this technique!

  • Anyone who owns a Ice Elemental Synchro Stone


This attack has an A Rank for it's power and exclusive use.