Coffin is a series of attacks that span throughout nearly every element/weapon available. The user first fires a small orb of kine-magnetic energy at an opponent, where, regardless of whether it hit the target or not, will draw in objects/matter related to a selected element. If the opponent is caught in this, he/she will be trapped in the middle of these objects, which will deteriorate and form a color-coded coffin depending on what element was chosen. If the target cannot break free in time, he/she will then be automatically assaulted by a powerful elemental attack from within the coffin.

Coffin, as an ability, has many strategic uses that vary based on one's attack-style. Many Elementals use Coffin as a regenerating shield, by using the element-Coffin that their powers associate with on themselves to either heal or act as a shield from which they can launch same-type attacks. Coffin can also be used in great repetition, being able to spawn at least 25 coffins until they begin to automatically dissapear.




The Coffin technique has a history spanning many centuries, though not much information is available. The first recorded use of the Coffin technique was by former Crucite Emperor "Lord Lindwits" when she sealed her soul and fragmented it into Lindwits' Tarot. In those times Coffin was used as a way to simply bury the deceased or as a defensive tactic against invaders.

As Crucites spread throughout the universe, the Coffin technique had spread with them to other civilizations. Through this, hundreds of variations have been created and expanded upon by constant information-sharing. Mobius was one of the last planet's to obtain knowledge on Coffin, in the earlier years of civilization. Here, it was used a multitude of ways. Ancient obscure societies built themselves around users of the (now unusable) Judgon Coffin ability, which was known throughout the land as one of the most deadly attacks ever. From then on, Coffin became a main-stay in techniques, with nothing of much note rising up since.


Requirements vary based on the type of Coffin used. Elemental Coffins only require the usability of the associated elements with each attack to use, while Sword Coffin requires that an ample amount of swords are around, making it near-useless without at least maybe three+ swords. Anubis Coffin requires that the user make a pact of some sorts with special spirits, often requiring material sacrifice (whether it be possessions or people) to meet the requirements.

Significant Variants

  • Desert Coffin: Traps the target in a yellow coffin of sand/stone, which then converts all stone around it into sand and sucks it all in, suffocating the target.
  • Toxi Coffin: Traps the target in a purple coffin of solidified sludge, which then quickly fills up with toxic gas, poisoning the trapped target.
  • Volca Coffin: Traps the target in a red coffin of condensed magma, dealing severe burn damage to the target.
  • Poseido Coffin: Traps the target in a blue coffin of condensed water, which then fills up with more water and drowns the target.
  • Naturi Coffin: Traps the target in a green cofin of thorned vines, which then wrap around and squeeze the target, while digging it's thorns deep into their skin.
  • Sword Coffin: Traps the user in a steel coffin made of swords, which then open outwards to impale nearby enemies.
  • Soul Coffin: A unique variation of the coffin attack. Traps the target's soul within a small oak-wood coffin, leaving their body without a soul. The soul can only be released by a Soul-Key, which spawns as soon as the attack takes effect.
  • Numbero Coffin: A unique variation of the coffin attack. Traps the target's mind in a theoretical coffin of puzzles and questions, leaving the target too pre-occupied and distracted to fight.
  • Anubis Coffin: A unique variation of the coffin attack. Traps the target in a magic coffin fitted with a large skull where the head normally fits, then drains the body of all life-energy, transmitting it to a second target and leaving the trapped target as a lifeless mummy.
  • Body Coffin: The user turns their body into a Coffin, then attempts to trap and absorb a given target. Through this, users can easily hunt for wild animals without much need for weapons, as well as steal powers from those they consume.
  • Emblem Coffin: A target is trapped in a coffin of no element, which then converts the target's emblem to that of a basic emblem of one army that supports emblems, while also altering the target's mind to serve that army. At first, the target has no free will upon release and acts upon instinct only. This wears off after some time, where their consciousness is restored but they have full-sworn allegiance to that army.
  • Space Coffin: Traps the target within a coffin of pure space, made up of the very fabric of space that holds the universe together. This attacks seals the target within a pocket dimension outside of the universe.
  • Shining Coffin: Traps the target within a coffin of pure light, constructed of a solid light that's only usable by light-wielders, then crushes the target within.
  • Card Coffin: A unique variation of the coffin attack. This attack becomes a penalty for someone who loses a game that Card Coffin was casted upon. Seals the body and soul of a victim inside of a card, and can only be freed if the one who sealed that person is defeated in a game.

Weak Points

The biggest flaw in the basic design of almost all coffin attacks are that the initial blast that creates the coffin is very easy to dodge with how slow it travels. Coffins, save for those of Mind and Soul, can be broken by attacks from any element other than their own, and will break at twice the rate if an element that counteracts the Coffin's element is used.


Drawbacks vary depending on what type of Coffin is used. The standard elemental coffins have no real negative consequences for use aside from minor energy-drain (which multiplies based on the amount of Coffins spawned) but ones like Soul Coffin and Mind Coffin can drain a lot of energy if misused, and are also capable of hitting the user if aimed poorly. Anubis Coffin has probably the highest amount of drawbacks to it, as not only does it drain more energy on use than all others currently available, but also cannot be broken from the inside, so if the user is trapped with nobody to help them, it's an insured death with no hope to survive.

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