Cquote1 I don't care if I'm half dog! I'm a warrior, and that's what matters! So what if Austin's a dog! At least he's a leader worth following! Cquote2
Cody snarling at Night, The Lost Tribe

Cody the Wolfdog, alternatively known as Cody the Wolf or Cody the Dog is a character from The Legend of Fox the Brave, who is one of the main characters in the story Tide of War, alongside Boulder the Lycanroc. Cody is a lanky gray wolf/Australian Cattle Dog hybrid, the son of Chaise the Wolf and Audrey the Dog. Despite the fact his parents both speak with Southern US accents, Cody does not, most likely because no one else on the Base has the accent that his parents do. As of On the Run, Cody is hiding with Maxwell Veschell and Mr. Tinker in Light Mobius.


Cody is a stocky Australian Cattle Dog/gray wolf hybrid. He bears a wolf's broad frame and wide shoulders, paws, and head. He has thick stone-gray fur similar in shade to his father's, with faintly visible darker splotches and a paler belly, and an oddly sleek tail. He has amber eyes, large shredded ears-the right of which half is missing, and a bushy tuft of fur on his head, similar to Roy the Fox's. He also has several long scars crisscrossing on his neck and shoulders. Overall, he more resembles a wolf than a dog.


Cody is stern and firm, as well as fiercely loyal to his Team. He is firm with his apprentices, and other younger Teammates, and rather blunt in what he says. Earlier, he was shown to be rather sensitive about his half-blood heritage.


Before the Series: Some time before the events of Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever, Cody was born to Chaise the Wolf and Audrey the Dog, two newcomers to the Storm Fighters.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever: Cody is mentioned in Dakota's thoughts when he and Dallas are found by Dr. Finitevus. Dakota thinks that if Finitevus gets to the Base, Chaise, Audrey, and Cody would be in grave danger.

Search for the Lost Warriors: Cody briefly appears when he is playing with Boulder the Rockruff. When Lycus the Lycanroc attacks and uses the long-range variant of Stone Edge, Lucas the Lycanroc shoves Cody and Boulder under his belly to protect them, but Cody is struck in the flank by a stone and is hurt.

Return of Evil: Cody is mentioned when Boulder heads out of The Storming Base one night to practice by himself; It is mentioned that Austin had been too busy with Cody's training to help practice Continental Crush.

Tide of War: Cody serves as one of the main protagonists of this story alongside Boulder, as it is shown from both of their perspectives.

Darkness of War: Cody is apart of a patrol with Austin SmithAsh the Wolf, and Eli the Jackal that is ambushed by Sonic.EXE. In the aftermath of the attack, Cody is said to have several long, deep gashes on his neck and shoulders, and that his ears were shredded, with half his right one missing entirely.


Unknown, but it is likely Cody doesn't have much self-esteem regarding his lineage due to being bullied because he's half-wolf, half-dog. It is this that is the ultimate deciding factor in his departure


"So you're leaving based on what some stupid furball said?"
—Boulder to Cody after the Battle of Lamarkie



  • Chaise-Father
  • Chaise's Father-Paternal grandfather


  • Audrey-Mother
  • Billy-Maternal grandfather
  • Coop-Maternal uncle
  • Audrey's Mother-Maternal grandmother


Cody is the first wolf-dog hybrid to appear in the series.

Originally, his appearance was almost pure wolf, but was since slightly modified to show some aspects of being half-dog.

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