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Codename: Avalanche
Mac the Writer
Comedy, Action, Adventure
Animated Short Series
Timo Tolkki's Avalon; Ramin Djawadi

Codename: Avalanche is a fan series created by Mac the Writer. It is a comedy adventure series revolving around all of Mac's fan characters he made. It's a reboot of one of Mac's old stories The Next Heroes of Mobius, as it replaces it because of how Mac no longer owns the character Grey the Dark Seedrian. Unlike Blue Blur, The New Hero and Freedom Planet, Codename: Avalanche consists of nothing but fan characters created by Mac himself. He wanted to separate that from the other two projects, since the former two only contains pre-existing characters from the Sonic series.

The story centers around characters like Rio the Cyborg Hedgehog, a G.U.N. Agent who keeps guard on Station Square; Kala the Seedrian, a forest guardian who discovered the world of the city for the first time; Zarex the Ram, a pilot with a loud, sarcastic mouth; Marcelle the Seedrian, a former Shadowman with a rough but lustful taste in relationship; Dr. Pudwell, a mad scientist who experiments on anything he sees; Katana the Seedrian, a proud warrior of Camelot City; Miana the Porcupine, a shopkeeper who Rio is constantly trying to hit on but failing; Melon the Chaos Chao, the assistant of Rio who thinks before he acts; and many more. The main villain of the series is Kano the Shadow Lord, the leader of the Shadowmen.


There was once a time when a hero and a villain led Mobius to a phenomenon like no others. A blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, Sonic, and a mad human scientist, Eggman, once existed as part of a generation of triumph and chaos clashing together. Eggman wished for world domination, though Sonic was always there to stop him from achieving his goal. Ever since Eggman’s goal was almost achieved and Sonic smashed it like it was nothing to worry about, it shaped the world to a unique and triumphant planet for all the hope that Sonic, the Blue Blur, can bring. The phenomenon, however, didn’t lasted forever…

The mad scientist himself once built a doomsday machine in which when it detonates, it can wipe out all life on Earth; he wanted to build his empire within the ashes. But the Blue Blur didn’t stopped; he goes on through many obstacles, many robots and, of course, Eggman himself. A tough and epic battle raged across the planet between the two nemesis, and Sonic’s friends, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Cosmo, Blaze, Rouge, Cream, Cheese and the Chaotix, were all here to help Sonic to stop Eggman from destroying life as we know it. The fight to end them all lasted for hours, and was tiring for both sides. In an attempt to destroy the doomsday machine and defeat Eggman, an unknown phenomenon caused Sonic, Eggman, the doomsday machine, and most of the others to disappear completely out of thin air. The only two heroes who were not affected by the phenomenon was Knuckles and Shadow. After the battle and the phenomenon, Knuckles remained in Angel Island to guard the Master Emerald, and Shadow remained aboard the Space Colony ARK because he felt that Mobius no longer needs a hero.

There were no villains—not even heroes for that matter—left in the world; Mobius was set into peace forevermore, and no people ever needed another hero. G.U.N. were the only group relied by the people, but nothing major happened on the planet that people would hold out for a hero. The world was in never-ending harmony, and there are no more evil to worry about…or was there?

The story takes place 70 years later since the heroes and villains had disappeared altogether. A new threat rose from a dark land known as Shadowmen. They commit terrorist activities around places like Station Square, and G.U.N. Soldiers were forced to drive them away whenever they show up. Rio, a recent member of G.U.N., is determined to put an end to the Shadowmen and defeat their leader Kano once and for all. With the help of Kala, Melon, Zarex, Katana, Marcelle and others, he would fight any Shadowmen who dares to step on the asphalts of Station Square.


Main Characters

Side Characters

  • Commander Pride
  • E2-204 Epsilon
  • Dr. Pudwell
  • Miana the Porcupine
  • Princess Sunset the Seedrian

Main Villains

  • Kano the Shadow Lord
  • Elvin the Panther
  • Conan the Bull
  • Snips the Piranha
  • Saria the Mantis

Official Characters

As the title suggest, these are the only official characters to make an appearance in the series.


  • Station Square
    • Info: Originally from Sonic Adventure, Station Square is the home of Rio, Marcelle, Melon and Zarex, among other important characters. This is where G.U.N.'s Main Base resides, and where a lot of terrorist activities caused by Shadowmen happens.
  • Mystic Ruins
    • River Forest
    • Secret Chao Garden
  • Venom Crater
    • The Dark Temple
  • Camelot City
  • Angel Island
    • The Master Emerald Shrine
  • Space Colony A.R.K.
    • The Control Base
    • The Eclipse Cannon


(Nathan Lanier) Axios

(Nathan Lanier) Axios

The soundtrack is mostly composed of rock and metal music. However, the main album of the entire saga is from the album The Land of New Hope by Tim Tolkki's Avalon. Power Metals are generally described as a softer version of the Metal genre, which Mac felt that it would fit with Codename: Avalanche. In fact, the opening music, Avalanche Anthem, was what gave Mac the idea for the title.
Avalanche Anthem (Avalon)

Avalanche Anthem (Avalon)

The score is composed by Ramin Djawadi. The score comes from the movie Pacific Rim, as Mac felt its emphasis on a mix of orchestra and rock would fit for Codename: Avalanche.


  1. Avalanche Anthem
  2. A World Without Us
  3. Enshrined in My Memories
  4. Main Theme (Ramin Djawadi)

    Main Theme (Ramin Djawadi)

    In the Name of the Rose
  5. We Will Find a Way
  6. Shine
  7. The Magic of the Night
  8. To the Edge of the World
  9. I'll Sing You Home
  10. The Land of New Hope


  1. Pacific Rim
  2. Gypsy Danger
  3. Cancelling the Apocalypse
  4. Just a Memory
  5. 2500 Tons of Awesome
  6. The Shatterdome
  7. Mako
  8. Call Me Newt
  9. Jaeger Tech
  10. To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters
  11. Better Than New
  12. We Are the Resistance
  13. Double Event
  14. Striker Eureka
  15. Physical Compatibility
  16. Category 5
  17. Pentecost
  18. Go Big or Go Extinct
  19. Hannibal Chau
  20. For My Family
  21. No Pulse
  22. Kaiju Groupie
  23. Deep Beneath the Pacific
  24. The Breach
  25. We Need a New Weapon

Trailer Music

  • Nathan Lanier - Axios


Development of Codename: Avalanche began all the way since 2010. It was originally named The Next Hero of Mobius, and was another Teilz story. That was back in the day where Mac was an idiot, by the way. Anyways, the story centers around a point where Sonic was killed by an assassin named Nack the Weasel, and there were debates between Tails, Cosmo, Shadow, Knuckles and Amy on who should be the next hero. Spoiler alert, after Tails defeated Metal Sonic, he became the next hero. Jeez, who could've saw that one coming? I certainly didn't. Note the strong sarcasm. As you can tell, the story was utter garbage, and was made when Mac made so many "ZOMG TEILZ IS A HERO" stories because of True Hero: Forgotten Memories' utter failure. Thankfully, the story was reworked loads of time, but the old crappy version did have a trailer on YouTube. Prepare for some cringe-worthy piece of crap if you want to watch the video.

The Next Hero of Mobius Opening Version 2

The Next Hero of Mobius Opening Version 2.0

The old, crappy trailer for The Next Hero of Mobius Codename: Avalanche

He kept on reworking the story to try and make it better. It went on from a slightly different version of the old version (which is just as crappy), to The Next Heroes of Mobius (note that "Hero" is now pronounced "Heroes"), and finally, to Codename: Avalanche.

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