"For there are different dimensions, universes, there will be, by chance a version of you there, but their personality & appearance will be different than yours."

Clyde the (Elemental) Hedgehog is a FC/sona created by Clyde BlueSnake.


His fur is a red/deep auburn color, his back quills are yellow, ears are blue & have brown eyes. He have lightning bolt designs on his fur that are blue and yellow. He mostly wear a cape, jeans, fist cuffs, gloves with a flame & thunderbolt design on them, & a pair of propet shoes. He sometimes have a thunderbolt tag connect to the front of his cape.


He mostly a lonewolf, a person who kinda keep to himself, kinda have a short temper & socially awkward. He nice to people & really don't want to be rude to people.

Creation History

Originally, he wasn't going to be a morpher he was a debate to be only a snake or a hedgehog, for the creator couldn't really draw his OC Clyde BlueSnake (idea came from one of his favorite colors and his Chinese Zodiac) back in 2003, but only trace over Sonic images or recolor Sonic on his PC, he went with the hedgehog, but after words the creator really still want the character to be of his creation so still kept the snake idea as well & made his character a morpher.

Clyde the Hedgehog first created from recolor Sonic images, mostly from the Sonic Screensaver that was included with the PC game "Sonic 3 & Knuckles Collection" during 2003. Back then  the creator couldn't decide to have the character's back quills main color(not counting the thunderbolt on them) either yellow or blue, but later in years he kept them only yellow.

Clyde the Hedgehog & other form BlueSnake

2005 drawing of showing 2 of Clyde forms. Hedgehog Sonic FC on the right & OC/scalesona on the left.

Later, he started doing his own drawings of his character, but the character looked very wide at first. Around 2005 he finally did a drawing of his OC Clyde BlueSnake though he still improving his drawings of his FC as well.
Clyde the hedgehog (2009)
Around 2009, Clyde started adding blue in his FC's cape. At first, it was originally only red inside it, but then he made one side red & the other blue. On 2014, Clyde stop adding blue on the side his character's head.


  • Power of Elements
  • Light & dark energy
  • His own unique energy (that he got from the Elemental gem)
  • Psychic powers (rarely use), etc.


  • To morph, so far only 3 forms. BlueSnake (main OC, not a Sonic FC), Hedgehog, & a Fox(use the name Kenneth as this form, a OC not a Sonic FC)
  • Can go to different universes!
    Clyde forms (2014)

    Clyde morph forms (so far) only 3.

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