Clyde the Hedgehog
Clyde's new look concept art - Copy
Solar Hedgehog
Friends, video games, Computers, root beer, etc.
Enemies, jerks, bullies, being treated like crap
Taken (Sylvia the Wolf)
Solar, Dark, Elemental
Solar Sword, Solar Gun, Vampire Killer Whip, Dark Gauntlet

"The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow !"

"May the sun shine forever in our hearts !"

Clyde The Solar Hedgehog is a fan character Created By CloudMan502 of both YouTube and Deviantart.

Character Creation

Clyde The Solar Hedgehog was created in 2005 (paper&pencil), his original design was just a purple recolor of Sonic with brown eyes. It was later changed around 2009 to having green eyes, pants and a grey shirt (which was edited again to have blue shoes and a scarf). Around 2011, Clyde was given an all new look, With a jacket, bangs, and a ponytail. He was given an even bigger redesign a couple years later.

Concept Design

Clyde BETA

Clyde's Beta look. This form of Clyde was never shown in public.


The only screenshot of Clyde's 1st look. As expected, it's extremely unpolished.

Clyde chillin by cloudman502-d36j4xp

A later design of Clyde. Just a couple small details were added.


the 2011 re-design. The pants were made much more baggy, a jacket was added, and Clyde got bangs and a ponytail.

Clyde's new look concept art - Copy

Clyde's current look. This is when the look was drastically change to give it more originality.

As stated, Clyde went through a number of changed before gaining the look he has today. The creator of Clyde started off with just a recolor of Sonic with brown eyes. The name for his new creation went unknown for 2 months. He had a list of potential names, but the only ones that stood out that wasn't too bad or used already were "Cloud" and "Lloyd". He didn't want to use Cloud because he wanted this character to have no relation to Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Lloyd didn't realy catch on either. The name Clyde came along when a friend of CloudMan502 said "Fun Fact: When you combine Cloud and Lloyd, it kinda sounds like Clyde." So the name, "Clyde" stuck on. But he dropped the idea of his original design because he felt that was too cliche. By the time he got to making videos, he changed the look to have green eyes, a gray shirt, and blue pants. This look can be seen in CloudMan502's first sonic sprite videos (More specifically, War Against Slavic part 1-3). After looking at his look, he noticed it wasn't really too detailed and polished, so he added more detail to the look, with saggier pants, blue shoes, and a scarf. Around early 2011, CloudMan502 wanted to add a little more to the character so he didn't look too much like a sonic recolor. So, he added a jacket, a longer scarf, bangs, and a ponytail inspired by Zero from the MegaMan X series. This look became more well known and is the current sprite design used in videos. However, around early 2013, Clyde decided to change the look even more to make it look more unique due to people making fun of him on how his character looked too crappy. The current design of Clyde was helped made by Jonic, who made his own interpretation of Clyde with a new look (though he just drew the head). This concept art was re-worked by CloudMan502, and the current look of Clyde was created. However, he won't be using it's sprite form until he can finish the sheet.


Clyde was born in Sol Village, a place where a clan of hedgehogs with a unique power live. Everyone in the village had the ability to use the power of the sun to live peacefully. Clyde's father was a Vampire Hunter, and was considered to be the best of them all. His mother was a Lunar Priestess, a special group of Solar Hedgehogs that used the power of Lunar. When his younger brother, Naito, was born 2 years after he was, Clyde's mother passed away. From then on, he was raised by his father. Until one night, when he was 5, Clyde's village was set on fire. A group of vampires had began slaughtering his friends and fellow villagers around him. Led by Damian, Lord of the Vamphogs and enemy of Clyde's father, they set out to exterminate the entire clan. Clyde's father tried defeating Damian once again, but was killed. Clyde was stowed away in a secret underground cellar by his uncle, giving him his father's greatest weapons, The Solar Gun and Sol Sword. His brother was captured and raised to hate the light by Damian. Clyde got out after it was all over and found his dad, dead and without his favorite scarf.

Clyde then set out to avenge his family's death. When he found Damian, he tried to fight him, but was bitten by him and left for dead. He then gained the power of darkness and became a half-vampire. When he regained the power of the sun, he returned to his normal form. He then encountered his brother, who actually tried killing Clyde, but was defeated. He then trained hard and to this day, he fights Damian and his brother.

He also joined the International Bastard Squad (IBS) and works as their lead scientist. 

Friends & Allies

When he was 8 (before becoming a member of the IBS), he met a girl named Kirlia the Emotion Wolf while exploring the city. He helped her out when she needed help, and they got to know each other. He helped out kirlia and stayed around for a week. They became great friends, until Clyde had to leave to stop a threat at a village far away. They're still friends to this day.

At age 10, he met and helped out Shade the Hedgehog and Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze stop an evil threat created by Dr. Cyrex. After their victory, he met Peach the Lightwater. Shade offered him a place to stay, but Clyde refused and left on his own adventure. Clyde then joined the IBS years later.

Years later, he met Reece the Lazy Panda while lost in the woods. Reece saw him as an intruder and had to fight him. Clyde fought hard, but felt their was good within him. Losing to Reece, he invited him to join the IBS. Since then, they've been the greatest of friends and allies.

After Joining the IBS, Clyde met a girl while exploring the world. The girl was named Sylvia the Wolf. She was a bit shy, but the two of them got to know each other more and they became friends. After a couple of months, Sylvia started to develop feelings for Clyde. After Clyde rescued her from Damian, Sylvia confessed her love for Clyde, and the two became a couple. Today, they are happily married and have three kids.

Throughout his journey, Clyde has met many other new friends and has been helping others since.

(Any other friend i met via skype, you can put a story of how we met here)

Powers and Abilities

Clyde was born with the power of the Sun. He gained his dark powers from being bitten as a kid by Damian. He gained elemental abilites from training with elemental masters. Years later, after sealing Damian into hell, Clyde trained with someone familiar to Jonic and gained some okami-like powers. However, he can only use these newfound powers under extreme circumstances.


Clyde has a couple of weaknesses. One of them being the Black Sun Energy, a special dark energy that can absorb Solar Energy and shoot it back with 10x more power and more darkness. Another would be if his friends or family were in danger and they're held hostage. if theirs no way around it, he'll surrender for their safety.

Is this the end by cloudman502-d4xy78i

Damian, lord of the vamphogs (Left) Naito the Dark Hedgehog (Right)


Damian has been the bane of Clyde's existence. He became Lord of the vamphogs when Clyde's Father killed Damian's Father.

Naito was Clyde's brother, until he was abducted when Clyde was 5. He was raised by Damian to hate the light and he was given the power of Darkness and the Dark Gun.

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