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This is an article about Clovis the Porcupine, a character created by VideoGamesEcho on 07/10/2019.

Clovis the Porcupine is an anthropomorphic porcupine and original character created by VideoGamesEcho.

Physical Description

He is a tall, lanky, porcupine with black fur that covers most of his body, tanned brown skin on his face, arms and muzzle, and dark brown eyes. His head has four quills facing downwards, and the other four facing upwards. He also has three spikes on his forehead. The clothes he wear is a black shirt with a dark grey coat, white gloves, dark grey chinos, and black shoes.


He is generally calm, smart, and quite mischievous. He is also quiet because of his mysterious behaviour.


Not much known about his early life. He was born and raised in Station Square for some quite of time before leaving at the age of eighteen.


It is unknown if he has abilities

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