Cloud the Hedgehog is a Troll and a yellow-green Sonic the Hedgehog recolor. He is also part of the group known as "Troll Womanizers", and he constantly flirts with Alyssa the Wolf.


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Physical Description

Cloud has a yellow-green fur and has lavender shoes, as well as hazel eyes.


Like Liam, Cloud has "godmodding powers" (but are not powerful), such as "teleporting enemies intot he sun's core" (which is considered auto-teleportation) and even makes copies of himself, although his abilities hardly works at all.


Like Liam and Macabre, he is a weak Troll and is also prone to drowning, even at shallow waters. He is also not loyal towards the other Trolls, except for Liam and Macabre. It is also unclear on how old is he, but perhaps he is 15 years old, but claims to be far older, which is, obviously, untrue. He also ends up getting attacked whenever he shouts for no reason.

Friends and Foes





  • Dalton the Cat- Absolutely hates Cloud because he won't leave Alyssa alone.


Like Toxic, Liam and Macabre, Cloud is somewhat a womanizer towards Alyssa (Shima's fursona), and constantly shouts words for no apparent reason, whether he encounters dangerous situations or not. When meeting up with Cloud for the first time, he talks somewhat calm and smart (or so he thinks), but deep down inside him, he is impatient, childish, and constantly shouts for no reason whatsoever.



Biggest Fears

  • Drowning (literally)
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