Cloud the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
AliasCaptain Cloud Flarsi
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Bright yellow w/ peach muzzle & Sonic-style quills
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Dark midnight blue suit jacket, normally worn open
  • Dark midnight blue suit pants
  • Black gloves
  • Silver & red shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Medium-level Superspeed
  • Flight
  • Moderate skill in hand-to-hand combat
  • Talented Hydrokinetic
  • Moderate Aerokinetic
  • Studying the advanced element Cloud
  • Skilled Naval Commander
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesto be collected
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Cloud is one of the princes of the House Flarsi and a member of the Moebian Liberation Army.


Early History

Cloud was born as the youngest of the four princes, and like his counterpart, he was a year younger than Pyris, the middle child, and two years younger than the twins Biotic and Venom. Unlike his counterpart, however, he wasn't known for his absent-mindedness or his hyperactivity, but for his high intelligence, which was commented as being higher than any of his brothers. This heightened intelligence pushed him into tuition faster than usual, and it was quickly noted by both his father and a few high-placed military officials that Cloud was a natural-born leader. He was also fond of the beach and boats, often swimming (or rather propelling himself with Hydrokinesis) or surfing, and taking tours of the warships with his father.

Training for Resistance

Cloud excelled in most areas in school, with a focus on history centered around battles. Soon after Pyris was sent off to the resistance, around Cloud's thirteenth birthday, his father took him out to a small drydock, where he was introduced to a small patrol boat, with a rather modern armament compared to the majority of the House's battle cruisers. His father referred to the ship as the RHFN Sidewinder. A small crew of navel trainees swarmed over the boat, and Cloud was confused, having never seen a boat quite like it. King Justin said it was his to captain, and the crew, some members his age, but most older, seemed accepting of him as the captain, with his new tutor, Captain Nelson Fox, introducing himself as a retiring captain, and was chosen to teach Cloud the art of sailing and captaining a boat as his first mate. Almost immediately, Cloud took to the task, and excelled in hunting and sinking heavily-armored transports from enemy powers, even using the patrol ship's armament of purely five machine guns. This, however, made the ship a target. A single pirate ship managed to pin down the patrol boat, and through use of old-fashioned and elemental weapons easily sunk the Sidewinder, taking a fair bit of damage in the process from the patrol boat's heavy machine guns. Cloud was one of the main survivors, transporting the rest back to the house using a combination of his hydrokinesis and a lifeboat. Welcomed as heroes, the crew were soon informed about their replacement ship - a standard ironclad battle cruiser, with armor heavier than the fiberglass and iron shell of the Sidewinder, but with the standard elemental trebuchets and a handful of balliste. Cloud was astonished by the new command, although a little annoyed by the weaponry, as was his crew. The ship was later christened the RHFN Crimson Python, as part of the Reptila-class Crusier fleet. Due to his navel posting, Cloud was not hypnotized by Striker, and as such was not used as part of Scourge's army in his invasion. Upon Striker's return, seeking for Cloud's elder brothers to join the Moebian Liberation Army, the "true Freedom Fighters of Moebius", King Justin allowed for the army to begin a navy wing, with the Crimson Python under Cloud's command as the first ship in the future fleets. Once again, Cloud, with a larger and heavier armored cruiser/transport, was once again hunting and destroying both pirates and the hostile forces, and this time, there was no plans to stop, with him a high-ranking member of the MLA's leading core, and his ship rearmed with lasers and missiles designed by Pyris to replace the trebuchets and balliste.

RP Appearances

Physical Description

Cloud is a bright yellow Sonic recolor, with dark gray eyes, the only disinguishing feature between him and his counterpart.


Cloud wears a dark midnight blue suit jacket and pants over silver and red Sonic-style shoes. The suit jacket is normally left open to show his chest, considering he only wears the full suit with shirt and tie at formal events.


Cloud is talented with both Water and Wind abilities, the two halves of his namesake element. His focus is more on long-range abilities to supplement both the offense and defense of his ship, with some close-combat techniques also in his move-pool in order to allow him to defend himself in close if his ship is boarded. As such, he is one of the few users of the anti-shipping Water-type technique Aqua Torpedo. He can also use his namesake element to great effect, typically using it in a stealth technique to mask his ship in a column of clouds, or in a physical shape alteration technique to disguise himself as just about any Mobian species imaginable of either gender. His greatest weaknesses are Electrical techniques which can split his clouds or force his Water techniques to break apart, plus ship armor made of Metal where his Wind and Water techniques cannot penetrate.

Water Abilities

Cloud Abilities

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms and Fusions

Semi-Super Cloud

Super Cloud

Demon Cloud

Heartless Cloud


Unlike his Mobian counterpart, Cloud is not hyperactive or incredibly idiotic, but rather close to the "new mind" created by Bolt's usage of the Nerve Overload technique. Cloud is a genius, capable of thinking several different chains-of-thought at once. Due to this, he is skilled at thinking ahead and predicting what moves will come next, although cannot do this to perfect accuracy as a Sharingan Eye wielder could. Due to this, Cloud has found a great love for tactics, and often enjoys planning different tactical arrangements for naval fleets or infantry forces, even if he is only an adviser. Equally, he enjoys any form of tactical or strategy-based game, and often challenges other great tactical minds to keep his brain in peak.

Allies & Enemies


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